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Murder Inc rules & regulations

What are the rules on our servers?

As everyone who has ever played on our servers knows that this is a "no stupid rules" server.

Non-Punishable Offenses

This is not an exhaustive complete list of non-punishable offenses. For the most part "anything goes" on our servers. Below are a selected few items which commonly come up in our community and are
acceptable and requires no admin action.


There are countless servers where people are banned or kicked for using things like c4, claymores, bolt action snipers, and the M320 just to name a few. We DO NOT do this. Battlefield is a game just like any other. The primary goal is to have fun. Who are we to say that some guy can't have fun at 3 in the morning by laying down a strip of C4 on charlie and blow it sky high when the enemy team goes for the cap? Things like this are not a punishable offense on our servers.

Spawn Camping

What exactly is spawn camping? Spawn camping involves camping or guarding the position of an enemies spawn in order to gain a strategic position over them. This goes back to the point of having fun. For example, if a person is playing for the defenders in a game of Rush and is capable of getting into the attackers spawn for tactical position, this is not a punishable offense. Shame on the attackers for allowing a way for this hypothetical player to get into their base and allow him/her to kill them or sabotage/steal vehicles.

Base Raping

Base raping is when one team is dominating so much that the other side cannot even leave their spawn area. Basically we feel that if a team is performing so badly to the point that they can't even push out of spawn then they should learn not to let this happen. They should be communicating better. If they aren't on Teamspeak, this might be a good opportunity for you to suggest that being on Teamspeak will improve their communication and help them do better.


Within reason, we do not limit or have language filters on our servers. If someone deems it necessary to attack another guest or admin in game (or in TeamSpeak) we reserve the right to remove the problematic user. Repeated "trolling" of any nature (swearing or otherwise) will probably result in removal from the game.

Being too good

This shouldn't have to be mentioned, but unfortunately there are servers out there that actually will ban someone for being too good. We don't do this. If we did there would a good number of server regulars and members alike who would have been long gone. Players shouldn't feel bad about being better than someone else and they certainly shouldn't be punished for it. This is however a public server and our server population comes before all else. If a group of individuals constantly come in and "clan stack" to "crush noobs" we will do our best to separate and even up the teams. We also encourage clans to do their best to respect the server you're playing on. Trying to intentionally hurt population is highly frowned upon.

Punishable Offenses

Unacceptable Language

We touched on cursing in the non-punishable offenses section. As it states cursing/swearing is perfectly fine. It is when a person starts becoming racist or bigoted that intervention is required. Use of racist or bigoted terms is not acceptable under any circumstance and should be dealt with swiftly. This also pertains to somebody trying to beat the system by altering text. Some examples might be using terms like "nagger" or "phag". This applies to any racist or bigoted terminology designed to insult someone of a different sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation. People can get pretty creative about changing up their words so you have to be on the watch for all of them. For the most part our automated tools will catch hate speech so no action should be necessary.

High Ping

From time to time there are going to be players that join the server with "high pings". Unless the high ping is EXTREMELY high, no action should be necessary.


A griefer is a player who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways. Examples of griefing: standing in front of a tank simply to punish, slightly team damaging vehicles, and constantly spamming chat (no matter the context).


Glitching is an activity in which a person finds and exploits flaws or glitches in video games to achieve something that was not intended by the game designers, like getting outside the boundaries of the map. If someone is caught cheating, ie. wall hacking or using an aimbot or using any other outside programming or application to give them an edge over other players, they will be banned. All players are considered innocent until proven guilty. Just "being too good" is not a valid ban reason.

Kick/Ban process

Section 1. Punishable offenses

  1. Teamkilling
  2. Racist/bigot language
  3. Griefing (mostly by teamkilling/language)
  4. Shooting friendly assets in deployment
  5. Hacking (needs to be PROVEN beyond reasonable doubt/here's basic guide to catch hackers)
  6. In TS: being disruptive, not correcting action after being warned
  7. In TS: personal threats
  8. In TS: harassment

There are only 4 reasons a player would be banned from our gaming servers:

  1. Hacking or cheating. This one is pretty easy to understand. Sometimes it's a judgment call, but as noted earlier all hacking bans MUST be accompanied by proof (video, link accounts, impossible stats, first hand accounts, etc).
  2. Not following established rules. There aren't many, but they are to be followed.
  3. Automated Plugin ban. Sadly the Battlefield series has hackers who want nothing more than to empty out servers. We use custom tools to try and limit damage caused by cheaters. It might be possible for these tools to catch an innocent players.
  4. Admin Error. Being that all of our volunteer admins are human, mistakes are bound to happen. When an error occurs we will work to correct it.

Section 2. Kick/Ban process in teamspeak

  • 1st offense Verbal warning focusing on the specific issue (for this pull offender to a separate channel)
  • 2nd offense Kick with a specific reason (such as racist language)
  • 3rd offense Temporary ban
  • 4th offense Permanent ban will be given


  • 1st offense warning verbal or kick with a specific reason
  • 2nd offense temporary ban
  • 3rd offense permanent ban

  • 1st offense most of the time warning/kick will do. However temporary or permanent ban might be issued if offender is on a teamkilling spree(mostly in deployment). I highly suggest to make sure we don't ban accidental teamkillers by talking to offenders sufficient evidence permanent ban should be issued.
  • 2nd offense temporary ban
  • 3rd offense permanent ban


  • Only with sufficient evidence permanent ban should be issued.

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