Murder Inc Rust Community

Server Information:

  • To ensure the best possible experience, our Rust server is hosted on it's own physical dedicated machine in the United States... Literally the only thing running on the server is Rust.

Server Wipe Details:
  • Last map wipe: 2 Jun 2017
  • Next map wipe: TBD

Connect to the Murder Inc Rust server:
  1.  Search MIgaming in game browser.
  2.  Press F1 and copy / paste: client.connect
  4. a. If you get a promp to allow bootstrapper, allow it, it opens up a Steam joiner to have Rust open/connect to our server.

Stay up-to-date with our Rust Server Feed:

View current map seed:

  • There's an in-game map that allow you to see monuments, where you are, where friends/clans are, etc. 

Join Our Steam Group:

View your Stats!

  • Currently being re-worked (in-active)


  • You can find us on TeamSpeak or on our Rust forum.
  • Note: Do NOT use in game chat to try and alert our volunteers of potential cheaters. The moment a cheater has been 'outed' the work required to remove the cheater has increased drastically. The best (fastest!) method to alert our volunteer team is via TeamSpeak.

Generic requests for admins (e.g: Is there an admin on? Who's the admin? Can an admin help me?) will likely be ignored. 99% of cases there isn't anything we can help with anyway. We take as much of a hands off approach as possible and do not like alerting problem users to our presence.


The group's original focus has been been on the FPS franchise Battlefield starting early with Battlefield 3 and into Battlefield 4 / Hardline. Daily, on average, we see more than 600 players connected to our servers at any one time. Our motto for Battlefield has been "No Stupid Rules" -- we are bringing that same no-nonsense approach to our Rust servers.

Rules of the server are simple:

  • No cheating
  • No bigotry/Racism
  • No disruptive behavior (constant chat/mic spamming and the like)
  • No clipping through rocks to build bases

That's it. No one cares if you talk shit, kill everyone, don't kill anyone, call the volunteer admins shit players when you kill them, raid community member bases... Get it? As long as you're not being stupid, we really do not care how you play, we only want you to play on our server.

To clarify it is detrimental to server health if players completely wall off monuments, rad towns, or fresh spawn areas. Please do not do it.

Due to population decrease and constant complaints of admin abuse, MiG admins will not longer be playing on our server.  We want our player to trust us.

Our promise to you is that no volunteer will ever use their trusted position of responsibility to their advantage. Further, if there are substantiated reports of volunteers using their position to benefit themselves or another player, that individual will no longer be in that position

Chat Box
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
Konflict did a bad thing, so he was put in timeout.
SNARL 16th Mar
Why is Konflict banned?
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
and JERiv.
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
There's nothing going on. Konflict decided to do his own thing. However, we will be undergoing a name change at the end of this year possibly since our domain name is expiring. at that time we will make an announcement as to what will become of MIg. As of today, MIg's Leads continue to be Brian
SNARL 16th Mar
Also, if "anyone who wishes to be part of that community is welcome in our servers" then why is Konflict banned?
SNARL 16th Mar
If Brain is still MIg, then why did Konflict say "So, the key leads (Proprioception, Form4t, JayRocked, Konflict_Rize) banded to form MIgaming, Now AscendanceGaming. We retain the motto and operating principles"
SNARL 16th Mar
Thanks for the update, but you guys need to let people know what's going on.
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
We wish Konflict good luck in his future endeavors and anyone who wishes to be part of that community is welcome in our servers.
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
Seems like he decided to split up from the group. Brian and JERiv continue to manage our servers and a few of us admins continue to enforce the rules. MIg will only die when the there are no servers left and given out current population trend I don't see that happening anytime soon.
SNARL 16th Mar
"The founder(s) of CMW no longer wished to manage the group and the current website we were using was to complicated for most. So, the key leads (Proprioception, Form4t, JayRocked, Konflict_Rize) banded to form MIgaming, Now AscendanceGaming. We retain the motto and operating principles, as well as,
SNARL 16th Mar
It states: "Ascendance is the third chapter of the original dynasty CMWgaming, created in late 2011 after two of the founding members were banned from their favorite server for not following some rule to a "T". This lead to the creation of CMW and the motto No Stupid Rules"
SNARL 16th Mar
Not according to Konflicts new website: http://ascgamingus.clanwe ...
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
MIg isn't going anywhere
SNARL 16th Mar
Why is Konflict banned? Is MIg moving to AscendanceGaming or Red Pill? Can someone explain what’s going on?
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
DNS issue
Da-Jesuss 16th Mar
Do you know how much worthless crap I was unable to post...
Da-Jesuss 16th Mar
What happend with website...
UrbanCamper 15th Mar
too much toxicity add me to the list. i'm too old for any of this kindergarden shit. good luck. it was fun
Angry_Cuban13 15th Mar
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