Murder Inc Gaming's Roles & Responsbilities

Every single position listed is made up of volunteers. These individuals volunteer their time to set these things up and keeping them running. For this, they receive perks as payback for their time. Without volunteers, this community does not function. 

Top Administrators
Top administrators have access to everything. All website privileges, access to all gaming servers, access to all remote tools (pbscreens, pbbans, AdminCP, etc), access to all remote boxes, account access, etc. Top administrators are ensure these items remain paid, necessary, and that those given access to them are using them appropriately. Lastly, Top Administrators are here to ensure that Key Leads are operating within the principals of Murder Inc Gaming, as well as, that they are ensuring Key Leads are maintaining their duties.

Key Leads
Key Leads are individuals critical to the continued functioning of Murder Inc. Key Leads ensure that the tools for their section are up and running as planned. These individuals also ensure that teams under them are filled/manned and maintaining their duties. Leads have oversight of teams such as game admins, donations team, and events teams. Key leads are also in place to discuss any major issues brought forward to the group such as policy change (principals on operating servers, new rules being put in place, etc). 

Admin Teams
Admin teams are significantly important to the continued functioning of the group. We have multiple servers across several games in-which, we need admins to ensure that rules are enforced. Admins enforce rules in-game, as well as, in TeamSpeak (mainly etiquette is followed). 

Donations Teams
Donations teams are significant important to the continued functioning of the group. Operating cost of this group is over $1300 a month. This costs covers hosting of the main website, admin tools websites (BFAdminCP, PBscreens, Rust Panels, etc), TeamSpeak, remote boxes for admin tools, dedicated machines for server hosting, managed server hosting, etc). We have built many perk packages to ensure that individuals get something back for donating to the overall group to keep infrastruct in place. Donations teams watch for new donations and then enabled member perks, as well as, maintaining a support forum for any issues with perks not working/general help. 

Events Teams
Event teams are crucial to the groups morale and cohesion moving forward. These individuals come up with ideas for events to hold for the group, as well as, individual respective games. Currently we have BF Zombie Nights for BF4 and Poker for the group as whole. 4

Chat Box
B1G7r33 19th Oct
Twin fan Asus 1070's are $50 off on Newegg, TODAY ONLY
B1G7r33 19th Oct
Twin fan Asus 1070's are $50 off on Newegg, TODAY ONLY
TwinGunsLLP 18th Oct
That, or I could just stop being a moron with no memory.
Angry_Cuban13 18th Oct
Lol we gonna have to add an exception for you only
TwinGunsLLP 18th Oct
gg nj
TwinGunsLLP 18th Oct
I say it all the time too damnit
TwinGunsLLP 18th Oct
ugh, forgot about the "nj gg" filter again. Sorry.
Derlict 18th Oct
:-O <===( )
Derlict 18th Oct
Damn foreigners always screwing it up for the rest of us.
Angry_Cuban13 18th Oct
I was going to vote ban you for using emojis
KonflicT_RiZe 18th Oct
/Bringit not me
KonflicT_RiZe 18th Oct
yippee ki yay motherfuckers! ;P
Angry_Cuban13 17th Oct
Milks, you're name is so white I couldn't find who wrote the message when I woke up lol
Motorcharge 16th Oct
He did, Cuban already replied to it. 1 week ban, he has 3 days left.
AngryMilks 16th Oct
@stevieskyline, please make a post following the outlines within the ban appeal section please. After that we can move forward with looking into your ban.
stevieskyline 16th Oct
Hey guys, I guess I am banned? What do I have to do to get unbanned?
Angry_Cuban13 16th Oct
Sounds like you should have prevented this, oh well.
NTAK 16th Oct
Yeah Thanks, been working in IT for 30 years...
Angry_Cuban13 16th Oct
Make sure you don't bridge your shit NTAK!
Angry_Cuban13 16th Oct
Yep, some manufacturers started rolling out updates as early as sometime last week I read.
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