Murder Inc Perks Overview

In an effort to recognize those who support the group we have developed several unique VIP programs. We currently have 3 different ways available for those who wish to support the group. The 3 programs we have available are: Volunteering, Donating, and simply Joining the group.

1) Volunteering
Volunteering within our group is a very rewarding experience. These are the individuals who "make the group work" and take precious time out of their lives for the betterment of the group. These individuals hold roles from leadership, front line in-server game administrators, and Battlefield Server Starters. While all positions are equally important, different potions require differing amounts of commitment. Most perks are available to all active volunteers. Our seeding perks are automatically applied once certain criteria are met.

2) Donating
All services provided by the group must be paid for and without generous donors the group would not be able to offer the number of services we currently do. Our donor perk system progressively increases the number of perks for those who are able to donate higher amounts. The minimum amount for 1 server is $5 while $20 will enable a donor to receive perks across all servers. For a detailed overview of our perks view the donor tutorial. Donor perks are usually applied no later than 24 hours after donation is successful. Murder Inc Per Matrix

3) Joining CMW TeamSpeak
We want friends to play with and that's what we're all here for: to make friends and have fun. To help encourage potential members to "get to know us" all players who are on the group TeamSpeak server are automatically added to whitelists to ensure you can play with friends without being moved.

Chat Box
TwinGunsLLP 16th Dec
Angry_Cuban13 16th Dec
I'm honestly shocked that Server 10 is the one that's alive lol
TwinGunsLLP 15th Dec
Nice, but who hasn't played CS:GO by now right??? ;P
Shredded-Legacy 15th Dec
and CS:GO too, it's free to play now.
TwinGunsLLP 15th Dec
Shocked if that shitty BFV is to blame for this, wtf.
TwinGunsLLP 15th Dec
Dunno, hopefully sooner rather than later.
Shredded-Legacy 15th Dec
When will #1 be packed?
TwinGunsLLP 15th Dec
Angry_Cuban13 14th Dec
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
Comments are great, people ragging BFV and loving Sandstorm!
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
Semi auto is perfect for this game, as one hit is usually always a kill.
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
It's just so much fun with the semi auto weapons at medium range. I put a 2x red dot on the MK14 EBR with a suppressor and wheeee.
TwinGunsLLP 14th Dec
No, I think 5 maps total right now. Played a couple hours again last night, I'm really enjoying it!
superhanssolo 14th Dec
has it got more then 4-5+ maps?
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
I'm hoping he plays some more and puts the highlights in one of his highlight videos hah.
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Also, unless you've been playing for awhile since Alpha etc. you're at a big disadvantage. I was playing with folks last night who really knew the game well, so they had certain angles etc. all covered. We need to learn the maps first and then we'll do much better, the game is incredibly fun though!
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Doc is hilarious, you could tell his COD run and gun style is in no way suited for Insurgency. But he knows it's a good game that's why he never threatened to uninstall it lol.
TwinGunsLLP 13th Dec
Good question! Yes it says team damage when you it somebody, but I never actually tkd someone so not sure.
superhanssolo 13th Dec
Doc not doing so well this game but kept his cool never the less. lol i still can't figure out if there's team damage on?
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