About Murder Inc Gaming

You've found the home for the "No stupid rules" community. Our community is geared to be an easy-going, drama-free, fun, and social environment for members and guests alike to enjoy their favorite games the way they want to enjoy them... not how some administrator wants them to be played. 

Why the name? Murder Inc has roots back to organized crime in the 1930/40s. Although we aren't gangsters or mobsters, we have a huge infrastructure and network from years of gaming. Also, we primarily play FPS/survival games such as Battlefield, Rust, DayZ, etc. 

What Makes MI Special?

Murder Inc was originally CMWgaming, created in late 2011 after two of the founding members were banned from their favorite server for not following some rule to a "T". This lead to the creation of CMW and the motto No Stupid Rules. The founder(s) of CMW no longer wished to manage the group and the current website we were using was to complicated for most. So, the key leads (Proprioception, Form4t, JayRocked, Konflict_Rize) banded to form MIgaming. We retain the motto and operating principles, as well as, the entire infrastructure created in CMW.  

Make Friends; Build Relationships. Use Teamspeak! 

MI's Teamspeak is different. We are active, social, and friendly. We also use a plugin called Teamspeak Sync to maintain seperation for in-game Battlefield players. This plugin automatically groups you into like channels for teams and squads thus making game play more tactical and reducing cross-talk.  

We were all new at one point. It doesn't matter. Just get your butt into TeamSpeak and play a few rounds using some team work. Once you meet everyone, and realize that the group of folks on here are friendly, we guarantee you'll be coming back for some more MI BF4!!  Once you get on TeamSpeak and realize the fun you've been missing you won't look back. 

Join any Murder Inc Battlefield 4 server and then connect to TeamSpeak. Once you're in game the program will move you to the correct channel. As more people join they will also be moved in with you. 

If you're new to TeamSpeak we suggest TS Connection Guide to get a better hang of it.  

Helpful volunteers; positions available
Murder Inc Gaming is only able to function thanks to generous members and guests. Without  dedicated volunteers we wouldn't be what we are today. Playing with us for some time and want to get more involved? Great!! The first step is to read over our volunteer information. Once you've seen what's available and what interests you, feel free to talk with any of our current volunteers and then finally submit a volunteer application.  

All of our volunteers are here to help players, like you, fit in and get setup so they can enjoy Battlefield the way it's meant to be played... WITH FRIENDS! 

Chat Box
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 12:36 AM
You crazy
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 12:36 AM
How is that dead?
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 12:36 AM
There are 57 peeps on #1
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 12:36 AM
TwinGunsLLP 11:25 PM
Dang, #1 just ate it. Back tomorrow!
JL 11:03 PM
guess nobody has had a chance to look at the votemap script
JL 11:03 PM
zavod graveyard shift just won on #1 and it went to Altai..
Angry_Cuban13 19th Aug
Obey, you know better than to use the chat box to report players...
Angry_Cuban13 19th Aug
Oh Twins lol....
TwinGunsLLP 19th Aug
Doh, forgot about the "NJ GG" language filter last night. Don't think I was banned as it just said I was kicked.
obeytheboss 19th Aug
need a hacker banned on server 1 ICE_POSEIDON
obeytheboss 19th Aug
any Admins on?
JL 19th Aug
need any bf admin
Angry_Cuban13 17th Aug
Not really
funkadelik 17th Aug
Is Battlefield still having connection problems?
Da-Jesuss 17th Aug
I have shares of BTC and ETH. Its crazy people aren't buying in as much as I would think they would. BTC is going to keep on rising until the paper dollar crumbles.
TwinGunsLLP 16th Aug
It's not like I have "OMG LAMBO MONEY" involved hah, but I still did get in relatively low. Not $15 per bitcoin low, but substantially lower than it is now. It's kind of a rainy day fund, don't need the money, but it's there to cash out if an emergency hits etc. Good luck to you as well!
TwinGunsLLP 16th Aug
Thanks Bizzle, I think at this point I'm in it for the LONG. I'm lucky to where I make decent money for myself, and still young enough to recover from big losses.
Bizzle239 16th Aug
So you're in for the LONG? or do you short trade? I have very little to invest so I can't make short's work for me due to the fees and whatnot, but that seems to be the way to go? Either way, best of luck to you!
TwinGunsLLP 15th Aug
I did sell all my bitcash though and used it to buy more bitcoin. Who knows?
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