False Positive Fairfight Bans
Angry_Cuban13 Likes · Like · 7th Jan 2018
BF4DB Staff just posted this today.

On January 4th, we started receiving seemingly isolated reports of legitimate players being banned by FairFight, including several members of our staff. BF4DB immediately started investigating and reached out to EA as well as several contacts that we have. Appeals for said bans were initiated immediately as well.

Over the last few days, we have come to the understanding that these bans are erroneously triggered (often while the subject isn't even logged in) through a previously unknown exploit. This exploit has been used to trigger bans on a not insignificant number of people, including streamers, members of staff at Anti-Cheat communities, and others.

We have noticed that these bans are not typical FairFight bans. The player in question may or may not receive an email stating that your Battlefield 4 account is in violation of the Terms of Service and that your gameplay access has been blocked for a certain amount of time. Some others who have been banned have not received this email.

As far as we are aware at this time, none of the erroneous bans that were issued have actually resulted in a stats reset. Some of the players are able to join and play on servers normally, and some (who received that email) are still blocked from playing.

If this situation has affected you, please let us know by posting below and appeal to EA as soon as possible. You can email EA at AccountDisputes@ea.com or lets_talk@ea.com. You can read more by clicking HERE. If you believe your account has been compromised, please contact EA and/or change your password.

Effective immediately, BF4DB is suspending all reports for FairFight resets. Players that were erroneously banned (and are banned on BF4DB) that successfully appeal with EA will have their bans lifted here immediately. The BF4DB staff that had been banned by this exploit have already had their bans nullified. Others that are known cases are being appealed and processed as we speak as well.

This exploit is known to EA now and we have made the appropriate parties aware. It is unknown if this has been patched already, but please be careful of your account and keep your eyes out. Again, if this has affected you, please let us know.

Please follow the above instructions if you feel like you were wrongfully banned and hopefully you can resolve your issue

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