Donations Return **UPDATED**
PrOpR1oCePtIoN Likes · Like · 4th Jun 2017
Alright everyone,

I worked out a new system that I think makes sense from the downsizing of Battlefield. Anyone who is a current donor is highly encouraged to review the new costs and cancel/re-up their donation on something that costs less. Since BF4 is still our primary source of popularity, it is still geared towards that. However, the 'levels' have been reworked to make sense into other games (rust, RS2, hopefully battlegrounds). We had troubles trying to incorporate several different games into different tiers of donations. Re-worked it so that the donations will work for any game we host on the same levels. 


Started a new Rust server.
Started an Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server
Planning on hosting a Player Unknown's BATTLGROUNDS server as well.
BF4 servers will remain. 



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