Angry_Cuban13 Likes · Like · 5th May 2017
Hello everyone,

I have just received an email update from the BF4DB developer and their website is finally live! If you have been around for awhile you know that BF4DB was a great tool to check on players.

It is kind of a mix between, Metabans and 24/7 

I just checked out the website and it has a very slick feel to it and the UI is very nice. It will show you a "Cheat %" bar on a player's profile and of course that doesn't always mean that the person is cheating but it should definitely help you understand what is considered cheating and what isn't.

Anyways, I hope everyone learns to use it and here's the website!

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MyNamesNotRicckk 20th Jul
Thank you
Angry_Cuban13 20th Jul
Temporary, your ban was 3 days. It'll expire after today
MyNamesNotRicckk 19th Jul
Hello, I was given a ban after I was trolling on your guys's server. Is this temporary or permanent? I'd love to come back on and clean up my act.
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
send you a pm thx
Angry_Cuban13 17th Jul
Hey Pro, send me a PM with the receipt for your level 3 donation since you won't get a form this time
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
Level 3 paid for FcTermial,medfly101.ProStock Thx
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
Level 3 paid for FcTermial,medfly101.ProStock Thx
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