PUBG & Teamspeak Conduct
Angry_Cuban13 Likes · Like · 29th Apr 2017
Hello everybody,

Many of you are aware of the new "hot" game in our community and that is "Player's Unknown Battlegrounds", if you haven't heard of it here's the Steam page and make sure you hop in our Teamspeak channels and squad up with a more experienced player to walk you through the ropes and hopefully make your experience a good one.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a huge increase in player base and a lot of traffic in our Teamspeak, which is awesome! We hope to keep seeing more people joining and increasing our player base for when they do release dedicated servers or custom matches for the general public, right now is only for developers and about 80+ according to their forums.

With that being said, we expect everyone that joins our Teamspeak server to respect and follow community guidelines when in the server with other players. That means no griefing, no trolling, no intentional team killing of any kind. Any failure to follow these guidelines will result in being kicked from our Teamspeak server and eventually might lead to a ban if your behavior does not change. There is not much we can do in the game, but this way we can ensure people have a fun game without any disruption.

Please keep in mind that "he said, she said" type of reports will be basically worthless, you will need to provide tangible proof and at this time the only tangible proof is either a video or in-game screenshot. Contact any "Super Admin" or "Lead" in order to deal with the player.

Thank you and happy gaming!

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