Seeding for Perks!
PrOpR1oCePtIoN Likes · Like · 26th Mar 2017
We have long used an automatic package to help populate our servers, people come and go from using it, but 'seeding' is the primary reason why our servers do so well. I had stopped pushing the seeding package for some time due to the uncertainty of the BF1/4 unified joiner. Now we know that Battlelog still works for BF4, as well as, have worked out some kinks with Windows 10 updates. So, we are bring back the push for the seeding package. Visit the recruitment form, fi ... ut the seeding form, and we'll get you started. 

Perks are automatically applied and the rate at which servers have to be seeded in one/two weeks has been reduced. Quick join list and balance protection across all servers applied after a few servers are populated. 

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