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PrOpR1oCePtIoN Likes · Like · 22nd Feb 2017
In other news, as I promised about posting more frequently about more relevant information, here we go.

1) Don't forget that in BF4, for seeding, as well as, playing on TS, perks are automatically applied. So, hop on TS and play with us, or hop on a server to help get it populated. 

2) With the release and failure of BF1... The BF4 population peak in 24hrs has been cut in half. Because of this, we need to re-evaluate what servers WE as a community want to support. Here is what there current feedback is, don't forget to have a say: ... -the-community-gzc/2

As it sits right now: 1 & 10 are 100% guaranteed to stay. 2/5/9 are being kept for now. They will be chopped if you guys don't want to help keep them going/have no interest. 

3) Rust anyone? Still a big interest within the community about Rust and we're putting down a server. Modded this time as those of us interested in giving it another try cannot stand the grind of vanilla any longer. You can provide your preferences for consideration here: ... -server-opinions-w87

4) Last but not least at the moment, we're still intending on running another BF4 tournament. Options to vote on and information here: ... -tournament-poll-qtn

That's all we got right now. 

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