Undeserved Drama Leads to Ban Hammer
PrOpR1oCePtIoN Likes · Like · 21st Feb 2017
Unsure who out there is aware that BlynDNesS has left the group. I had known for a while that he was trying to setup his own thing and that was perfectly fine with me. Always been pretty open about what we have going on here: we like to play games, we have a 'doctrine' about how our group manages those servers and we just want to have fun. It's a gaming group, if you aren't having fun, no one is keeping you here. 

We didn't really make a big deal of his leaving and were hoping to get thru this one without any drama however, that of course would just be to mature too happen in gaming community. Supposedly someone came to him reporting that he was kicked from the group for "stealing" money and he blamed several people.  He also got confrontational about it and started harassing people via PMs, TS, social media. We asked him for a name of who came to him about it so we could ask some questions, but of course he wouldn't give such a name. This is pretty in-line with all the complaints he always had about "people" coming to him with big concerns within the community--concerns that were never voiced in any forum or message mind you. 

Lets clear up a couple of things...
1) Blynd left the community on his own power to start another. That's all him. 
2) NO ONE can steal money from MiG. We don't have a joint account and it is managed by one person, really this person is disinterested. We know that, maybe who ever this "person" is that went to him didn't.
3) Since Blynd repeatedly came to us with "issues" that "people" talked to him about and he could never give us specifics.... And this "person" who came to him with the rumor couldn't be named, it logically follows that we concluded that it was either HE (Blynd) started the rumor himself, or one of the several people who went with him. So, they have all been banned to stop the drama. Banned from the Website, banned from the games, banned from teamspeak. It's quite unfortunate to have to do this because I can 100% guarantee a couple of good individuals got swept up in this ban because of Blynd's manipulative behavior. 

If you guys wish to leave the community for the various reasons you may have, please just do so without drama. This is a mature gaming group and you are free to come and go as you please. If you wish to go join Blynd and be manipulated by him, great. Again, just please do so without any further drama. 

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