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PrOpR1oCePtIoN Likes · Like · 18th Sep 2016

As you undoubtedly observed during the Battlefield 1 Open Beta, only a few of our BF4 servers stayed populated. I had planted the idea a few months ago that manual seeding parties would need to return. With less than four weeks until the release of BF1, I have disabled future applications for our automated seeder. Once BF1 releases, it will be with that new in-game browser and Battlelog will be no more. Chances of ever having an automated seeding package after BF1 releases is slim-to-none. So, please now get ourselves used to getting a group together and joining a server with little to no players and getting it going. 

Those who have the automatic seeding package, it will remain functional until Battlelog is disabled. Perks for populating servers in BF4 will remain automatic whether it is from a "seeding party" or from running the automated seeder. Whether we have a BF1 server(s) or not remains unseen. I have still yet to see any information on purchasing/renting servers. If we do have a the ability to purchase a BF1 server, I have a tool and ideas for how to populate 2-3 servers. 

Soon I will be moving an events channel back up towards the top of our TeamSpeak. It will have information in the sidebar about server order for populating that I seen work best, as well as, some general etiquette. Currently we have no official person(s) designated to make this happen. I'm sure we'll see a few naturally emerge. 



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