Downgrading Website Functionality
Likes · Like · 23rd Feb 2019
Hiya everyone,

Since we started using DISCORD, the website usage has drastically dropped, which was anticipated. Currently just about everything is done through our DISCORD, so there isn't really any reason to maintain the website. The chatbox and forums are still viewable, but have been disabled (hint: use the discord # channels to type). In the near future, we'll pretty much disable everything and ensure there is a channel/bot available in DISCORD.

We're not going anywhere or taking down servers, just going to limit our interactions to DISCORD. I know there is interest in Battlefield 5 servers if they ever come out with a rental server program, so we'll be doing that. We also continue to have people play PUBG and Rust. 

For those of you who have some weird aversion to discord, it's free and you can use #pub to chat if you don't want to join a voice channel. And here is our discord invite link:


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