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NTAK (Banned)
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23rd Dec 2017

While gaming last night I noticed that my system sounded a little louder than normal, so today I decided to investigate if I might have a thermal issue and below are my results. According to Intel, the maximum operating temperature for an Intel Xeon E5-2670 is under 80 Celsius, based on my testing it appears that both my processors are well within the spec.

If you get a chance post your processor temperatures, see the following for reference: https://www.computerhope. ... /issues/ch000687.htm

FYI, I measured my processor core temperatures that using the following utilities:

CPU-Z: ... twares/cpu-z.html
HWMonitor: ... wares/hwmonitor.html
Core Temp: ... Temp/

System core temperatures while under 5% total processor utilization: Under 45 Celsius

System core temperatures while over 99% total processor utilization: Under 65 Celsius

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23rd Dec 2017

Is that a server? Nice. I have been using this guide for Intel mainstream cpus for a while now.
http://www.tomshardware.c ... perature-guide.html.

I was running at 5.0ghz but in prime95 the temps where pushing close to 90. Though while gaming bf4 they are ok. This is while playing bf4.


This is after I dialed it back to 4.8ghz. 7 hours in prime95

If i had the nuts to delid I am sure I could hit reasonable temps at 5.0ghz. But no way will i do that since it took me 3 months saving to buy the cpu. I am however either going to do a custom loop, or just get a 360 aio, which would be easier. Then i will go for 5ghz again.

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NTAK (Banned)
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23rd Dec 2017

No, it's a HP Z820 Workstation... I picked up a few of them last year. They are really well built systems… my only complaints are that they don’t have USB 3.1 Gen 2, and they weigh 50lbs. ... rkstations/z820.html

I suffer from a Empathy Deficiency Disorder, and I don't think I care.

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28th Dec 2017

2 cents worth. ....
My CPU water cooler radiator gets clogged with dust faster then usual with hours running during the day.
Check those water cooler fans and radiators. I take the whole thing outside and use a small inexpensive 120v air thing that seconds as a raft inflator for the pool stuff.
Have to remove the fan to get to the coils. Drops CPU temp drastically when it is fully cleaned out.

Dust is the #1 enemy.

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