Need help with my headset/mic
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11th May

So I have been using this headset for awhile now (Razor Kraken 7.1) it is still in brand new condition. But when I use it in game, in TS, or Discord I can hear everything perfectly but all my teammates hear is static when I try to talk. The green lights on the mic and headset are all lit, I don't know what could of happened.
 I am almost certain it is the computer settings that have changed.
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11th May

Check what your computer is recognizing as "Default Communication Device". Right click on your sound and select "Sounds". Then go to "Playback" and "Recording" and make sure your headset is set as the "Default Device"

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Yeah, I do that every time before I play. I set it as "Set as default device" and "Set as default communication device"
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Have you tested the headset on another device? There could be a wiring issue that you can't see.
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Check your ground from wall outlet to computer. A bad ground, or even worse a floating ground can cause weird problems.
A + to - reversal also. Have your electrical receptical tested by a qualified person. There is cheap plug in tester that has 3-lights. Can be found at most hardware stores. 2 green lights = good. I use one of these for many years on the job.

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