Cherry MX Red vs Cherry MX brown
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I've had membrane keyboards for many years. Those wore out fast. The response time of my mechanical keyboard is superior then the mechanical keyboards I had been using. The Mechanical is louder when in use. Unless there is a significant other trying to sleep in the same room, the noise issue is moot. Plus we are all wearing headphones no?
I have the Razer Black Widow Ultimate. Blue Back-lit keyboard.The lighted keys were a must have. I like to keep the room lighting low to minimize glare. The keyboard has more then paid for itself. Going on several years now and no issues. I can adjust the light intensity by 3X. Using FN+F12 buttons.

Another mechanical keyboard to consider is the Corsair Strafe gaming keyboard. I haven't used this keyboard as of yet. I picked it out of rewards catalog for 10 years service at JPMC to have as a backup when/ if the Razer keyboard dies. I took it out of the box, and the keys are noticeably quieter then those on the Razer Black Widow keyboard.

If I had the table space of the left side of my keyboard, I would definately try the Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard that NTAK uses.
Should not take too long to get used to. It is a Membrane gaming board.
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have you ever tester de Black widow ultimate steatlh. A mechanical keyboard BUT the stroke on the keyboard are reduced by some hardware they have put into it. the ones i had in the past always made less noise than the usual mechanical keyboards.

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I initially played FPS on a Razer Nostromo-style gamepad (smaller than the Logitech one that NTAK uses)..This is going back nearly 15 years or so ago...

 @ 1 year ago I decided to switch to a full keyboard (as I still needed to type in chat) and found the Logitech G710+  on sale at Wally World...

The nice thing is you can adjust the WASD key brightness separately from the rest...I also plan to program the 6 macro keys along the left side to speed in game chat (ex 'Don't Spawn&#39...haven't quite figured it out yet...It's also got a double-USB cable to plug into PC - but then has a USB on the backside for your mouse USB cable (I wasn't happy with cordless mice over the years)...You can do all sorts of fancy colors..I just keep them white...

Also run a Logitech G502 mouse - nice that you can change the weights...

Last but not least - and the best $39 I ever spent - pick up a "jumbo mouse pad" - I got this one from Amazon:

Amazon - Glorious XXL Mouse Pad

This gives you an idea of the mouse pad scale (my desk is a mess): you never run out of room...Mouse seems to track nicely....



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I just picked up a new keyboard cause spilled coffee all over my old one. Kinda glad I did cause i picked up a Corsair cherry Brown mechanical keyboard and it awesome. I had a cherry red mechanical keyboard by Razar but i prefer the brown over the cherry red. The cherry red is rather loud the brown is much softer. Try and go to a store and test out the different switch. My local store had a couple of them to test and then i made my decision. ... 23-816-054-_-Product
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