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15th Oct 2017

You will notice a change to the way our Battlegrounds channels are arranged. This is in an effort to keep PUBG members within MiG, especially with the eventual hope of having a server. The first channels anyone can join, including just regular new users. The ones that are listed as (restricted to knowns) means that no one can join those channels, except people who have been vetted in the community. We did this because there were a lot of complaints of random people joining and blairing music or just not being considerate while others were playing. So, if this is occuring, it gives people a channel to join without havening to leave the server.

Secondarily, if you have ever played PUBG, you know that there are some people who are very particular. This leads to tensions and kind of singling in on only playing with certain users. Again, even though we don't really want this to occur, it's just in the nature of this game. So, for the people who are very particular, will be given a couple of spcieal channels that way, when they are really getting "SUPER SERIOUS", they can be in a 'private channel'. Again, this keeps people here and not feeling like they have to find another VOIP to coordinate. 

We hope that we can strike a balance in the PUBG community with this move. We seen a similar problem like this occur in DayZ and we didn't address it like this; so a large number of people tried to creat their own group so they could play specifically how they wanted with just a few people. We'll monitor this to see how it goes. You can also comment on the tread about this in the PUBG forum.
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