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15th Mar 2016

Right now with no official apps released the best ingame app is Roccat Power Grid for ios and android all you have to do is download it onto your PC and device and connect the two over your network. It basically turns your tablet into a customizable remote for your PC. site for download- ... are/Power-Grid/Home/

So after your downloaded and connected you can then start to download different grids for the device to use, all the grids are free and there are plenty to choose from. I recommend the ones made by Third most of his are simple and functional. Most allow you to quickly adjust power allocation and shields, others come with an eject button, lock nearest target, and others like that, or just make your own. You can have 2 custom grids on your device for free and for each slot you want opened on it will be $1, but 2 is plenty. They also have grids for BF4, Teamspeak, and other games. 

examples of some grids 

picture of Thirds setup

link to thirds RSI forum post- https://forums.robertsspa ... er-grids-by-third/p1

Another tool I would recommend is the HoloXPLOR it is a simplified version of your hangars ship equipping station making it easier to see all the points on the ship that can be equipped and is web based. 

link to holoxplor-

And for windows they have Star Citizen Center it contains a galaxy map with information on the systems and planets, news updates, ship information and patch notes. ... -center/9nblggh0m3wg

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