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Cheapest to Most Expensive

1. P-52 Merlin- $20

The Merlin is the cheapest ship in the game and contains no jump drive so as a standalone ship it is pretty worthless in the PU (persistent universe) . However it can be carried by larger ships and be deployed as a ship based fighter like seen in the Constellation Andromeda. As far as fighting capabilities go it has 2x S1 fixed guns and 1x S2 fixed, and also a weak shield and power plant.  So its armament is pretty pathetic but what it has going for it is its nimbleness, its quick and very hard to hit in combat making it a great nuisance when in combat, combine that with the  fact its a ship based fighter and now the enemy has 2 targets to focus on the Andromeda which is doing the damage and the Merlin which is distracting and it becomes an effective tool. But I do not recommend this be your only ship.
site- https://robertsspaceindus ... 2-merlin/P-52-Merlin

2. Aurora LN- $35

The LN is the Combat oriented version of the Aurora line, and honestly pack a good bang for your buck. It has 4x S2 mounts 2 are gimbaled and 2 are fixed, it has a good shield and decent power plant for the price and is able to take a good beating. It also carries S2 missiles big for the price. However it's slow for a fighter not a significant amount but enough that other fighters will be able to run from you and run you down in a fight. But when the game is released the Auroras will be very customizable so you will be able to change it up quite a bit. I recommend this ship for new players needing a fighter to learn in.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... rsi-aurora/Aurora-LN

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3. Aegis Avenger Titan- $50

This is the cheapest of the Avenger variants due to its generic cargo module, but all the Avengers have the same fighting capability so I would recommend this one over the others. The Titan is probably the cheapest most useful ship in the game right now. It carries 2x S2 fixed weapons and 1x S3 gimbal mounted weapon and 2x S3 missiles, making the weaponry formidable for its  price range. Its shield and power plant are a S3 giving it good power and shielding. Its also faster than the Aurora and can be modulated to fit your needs. I highly Recommend this ship as a ship for new players.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... venger/Avenger-Titan

4. Mustang Delta- $65- Limited Sales

This is the combat variant of the Mustang series. It carries 2x S2 fixed mounts and 2x S1 gimbaled mounts and also a S2 power plant and shield. Making not as powerful as some ships that are cheaper than it. and its is in the same speed category as other fighters it isn't the most nimble or fast. But it does have  dumbfire rockets instead of locking ones and carries 2x S1 rocket pods, which while harder to use can take down other fighters in 2 volleys or 4 rockets. And it has stealth armor making it easier to sneak up on someone. However I do not recommend this ship I feel that the Avenger Titan is a better choice because it is cheaper, has superior weapons, better power, better shields, and is more customizable.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ustang/Mustang-Delta

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5. Reliant Tana- $65- Limited Sales- In Production
It is the first alien technology ship and the first 2 man craft of the list. This ship is not out yet so this is just speculation. The Tana has 4x S1 fixed mounts and 2x S2 unmanned turrets, giving it a good amount of firepower for the price, and the shield is a staggering S4. However the power plant is only a S2  making it smaller than the Avengers, but the power plant is supposed to be an alien tech high yield power plant so it might put out more power than a regular S2 and act more like an S3. Also it's a 2 man craft so a crew mate will be able to manage your shields and power allowing you to offset the difference in power plant and shield. Until this is released i cannot say yes or no to it because it can go either way.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... iant-Tana-Skirmisher

6. 325A- $70

The fighter variant of the 300 series. It is almost a twin to the Avenger carries 2x S2 fixed and 1x S2 gimbaled, giving the Avenger an edge in firepower. Its power and shields are also S3s like the avenger and its missiles are also 2x S3. As far as speed and hull defence they are both very similar. So I recommend not getting this ship save yourself $20 and get the Avenger Titan. 
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... hips/origin-300/325a

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7. Aegis Gladius- $90

It's the older generation fighter used by the UEE and is meant as a dogfighter and the older version of the Sabre. It has 2xS2 fixed guns and 1x S1 gimbaled or another S2 fixed, giving it less firepower than the cheaper options and has a S2 power plant and a S3 shield. But this ship is quick and one of the faster fighters so the best defence is not getting hit and it is made of glass so any time you bump and object it could kill you I used to own one for a while and it was decent but fighting them in Arena Commander I feel they are soft targets and would recommend the Avenger over it due to the Avengers ability to take a beating and bigger guns.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... hips/gladius/Gladius

8. Cutlass Black- $100

The cheapest of the Cutlasses with the other combat option being the Blue that is still not ready and is $150. The Cutlass Black and Blue both have 2x S3 fixed and 1x S3 gimballed weapons and also has a S1 turret on top. Both have a S4 power plant but the Blue has a S5 shield while a Black has only a S4. Also its rumored that the Blue will also have heavier armor letting it take a more of a beating. Both have a max crew of 3, with the Black having a cargo bay in the back and the Blue has holding cells. As far as recommendations I would say it is a good ship to learn how to use multi-crew ships, but if it goes up a specialized fighter I feel its size make it an easy target, so maybe.
link-  https://robertsspaceindus ... tlass-Black#overview

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9. Anvil Hornet Series- $110- $165
For this one I will do 3 different more combat oriented variants for the Hornets as all are designed as fighters. The hornets are great fighters meant to be able to take a beating and keep on flying. 

9.A- F7C Hornet- $110

This is the base model hornet made for civilian use, it has 2x S4 gimbal mounts 2x S2 gimbaled mounts on an unmanned turret. It also carries 2x S1 missiles attached to it. For defence it has a S3 power plant and a S4 shield. This model is the least armed of the series.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... il-hornet/F7C-Hornet

9.B-  F7C-M Super Hornet- $165- Limited Sales 

This model of the Hornet is the most heavily armed Hornet ship available and my current favorite fighter. It is similar to the base civilian model but has 2x S1 gimballed or 1x S2 gimballed added to it. Also the power plant was upgraded to a S4.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... uper-Hornet#overview

9.C- F7A- Not For Sale

This ship is used as the primary fighter for the UEE. This model will not be available until the release of Squadron 42 and will most likely will have to be stolen for the military in the full game. Its close to the Super hornet except it carries 2x S2 fixed mount weapons.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... /F7A-Hornet#overview

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10. Retaliator Base-$150- Limited Sales

The Retaliator is a customizable ship able to fit 2 modules. It has no guns for the pilot to use instead it relies on 5x S2 turrets for defense. Also it has a S6 power plant and a S3 shield, so the power is more than adequate the shield is lacking. The modules on this ship determine its user, the bomber version carries 4 massive torpedos and cost $275, but you can also get cargo bays and a drop ship. The downside to this ship is that you are totally reliant on the turrets so if you are attacked you have to have more crew aboard or you have no weapons.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ator/Retaliator-Base

11. Freelancer MIS- $165- Limited Sale

It's the weaponized version of the Freelancer, removing a lot of the cargo space to make room for missiles. It's only hangar ready so no one has flown it yet. It has 4x S2 missile and 2x S3 missiles giving it a total of 28 missiles. For weapons it has 2x S5 turrets so 4 slots for S5 weapons which is ridiculous. It can equip a size 5 power plant and shield giving it good defensive capabilities. So until this is flyable I can only guess this will be a powerful ship.
link-  https://robertsspaceindus ... ancer/Freelancer-MIS

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12. Anvil Gladiator- $165- Limited Sales

The Gladiator is a carrier based bomber, like most bombers its weapons aren't that great with only 2x S2 gimbaled mounts and a S2 manned turret. Where it lacks it guns it makes up for with missiles it has 2x S3 and a S5 mount giving it a massive payload for its size. And the shields are only S3 and the power plant a S2 so the ship needs to get in fast do its job and get out because its defences are pretty weak. Don't buy this ship for anything other than a dedicated bomber because that is all it's made to do.
Link- https://robertsspaceindus ... -gladiator/Gladiator

13. Aegis Sabre- $170- Limited Sale

The Sabre is the replacement in the UEE for the Gladius. Honestly this is the sexiest ship I have in my hangar, it's meant for stealth so it can sneak up on a target and swoop down bringing its considerable payload to light the target up. It has 2xS3 fixed and 2xS2 gimabled, or 4xS4 fixed(which is a better loadout in my experience). It carries a S3 Shield and a S3 power plant, the ship is fast and nimble letting you dance around your target, however it's not meant to go toe to toe a Super Hornet will outlive it in a straight up dog fight due to the low armor and fragility of the Sabre. But I do recommend this ship and it should be very useful for stealth attacks in the PU.
Link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ge/ships/sabre/Sabre

14. Constellation Andromeda- $225

While not meant for combat it still packs a punch. The Andromeda has 4x S4 gimbaled weapons and 4x S1 and 2x S2 missiles giving it 48 missiles. It also carries 2x S4 turrets, S6 shield and S6 powerplant. Also the ship has 4x TR5 engines making it fast for its size. Add in the Merlin attached to the back of the ship and the Andromeda is a formidable ship in a fight and I would highly recommend this ship for its fire power and versatility.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... stellation-Andromeda

RSI Commercial 

15. Aegis Redeemer- $250- Hangar Ready

The Redeemer was meant as a dropship but do to its firepower it was upgraded to a gunboat. This is the ship in my hangar in the most excited to fly it has a S3 unmanned turret, 2x S4 unmanned turrets, 2x S2 missiles and 2x S3 manned turrets. It has a S6 shield and power plant, and the engines are a new type no one has used before so I'm curious how maneuverable it will be. It also has the capability to carry 6 marines to assault a target. Since no one has flown it I cant say for sure but the Redeemer is going to be a formidable ship on the battlefield.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ps/redeemer/Redeemer

16. Aegis Vanguard Warden- $250-Limited Sales

The Warden is the fighter variant of the Vanguard series, it is meant as a long distance fighter making it great for escort missions. It has 2x S2 shields and 6x S2 powerplants for redundancy. Its weapons mounts are 4x S2 fixed on the nose, a S5, 2x s2 missiles and s2 manned turret. One variant is the Harbinger bomber ($280), the only difference is that instead of escape pods it carries an additional S2 and 2x S3 missiles. The other being the Sentinel($265) that deals in e warfare and will be able to attack a ship's electrical systems. The Warden needs some love before I recommend it the current nose gun is a S4 because they haven't implemented S5 weapons into the game yet and it's a big target when fighting other fighters with low maneuverability. 
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... uard/Vanguard-Warden

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