Choosing the Right Cargo Ship
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1.  The Aurora CL- $45- Flight Ready

This is the cargo version of the RSI starter ships. It has 23 SCU (square cubic units) giving it the best cargo capacity for the under $50 price range. It also carries a S2 power plant and a S2 shield, a S2 missile rack, and 2x S2 fixed mounts. Making this ship not ideal for combat and would probably be best for making short trading runs in friendly space.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... rsi-aurora/Aurora-CL
Aurora Commercial

2. Aegis Avenger Titan- $50- Flight Ready

The Titan is the base version of the Avenger series and the cheapest. The website says the cargo is 12 SCU but that will change and most likely being increased. Unlike the Aurora the is fully capable of defending itself with a S3 gimbaled mount, 2x S2 fixed mounts, a S3 shield, and a S3 power plant. So you should be able to fly through more dangerous space. Until the cargo capacity is finalised I'm not sure whether to endorse this ship as a cargo hauler.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ger-Stalker#overview

3. Reliant Kore- $50- Limited sales- Will be hangar ready in next patch

It is the base and cargo variant of the Reliant series, it will be the next hangar ready in patch 2.4 and most likely flyable in 2.5, and will be on sale for both events. It can carry 30 SCU giving it capacity than the Aurora and most likely more than the final Avenger. it has 2x S1 fixed mounts and a S3 mount, giving it more firepower than the Aurora but it has the same shields. Another plus for this ship is it is the cheapest multi crew ship having a crew of 2. So depending on how they perform in flight I would recommend this ship over the Aurora and in a pure trading standpoint I would recommend it over the Avenger.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ant-Kore-Mini-Hauler

4. Hull A- $60- Limited sales

The smallest of the hull series, the Hull series is the premiere trading line in SC they are built with one purpose trading. The A has a cargo capacity of 48 SCU giving it 18 SCU more than the Reliant. It has 2x S1 gimballed weapons and no information on the power plant and shields. So this ship will have next to no firepower so it is easy pickings for pirates if you have no escort and with that small of cargo I doubt you will want to hire one so between the Reliant and the A if your in safe space the Hull will be better, but for versatility I still recommend the Reliant.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ge/ships/hull/Hull-A

5. Hull B- $90- Limited Sales

The next in line for the Hull series. It has 384 SCU giving it a massive jump in cargo capacity for $30. For weapons it has 2x S2 gimbaled mounts. So between the A and B the only major difference is the SCU, but with the increased cargo you might be able to hire escorts. So A vs B, B every time.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... l/Hull-B#holo-viewer

6. Freelancer- $110- Flight Ready

This is the base model of the Freelancer line. It carries 52 SCU, a huge drop from the Hull B. But the Freelancer is more heavily armed with 2x S2 unmanned turrets, 2x S2 missile racks, 2x S3 missile rack, and a S1 manned turret. This ship has considerable firepower, and good power and shields with both being S5 which is great for the price. Also the engines are low emission stealth drives letting you go undetected for longer. This ship is  made to trade where it is too dangerous for the Hull series to go without an escort. So Freelancer vs Hull B it just depends where you want to trade and how safe the routes are.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... reelancer/Freelancer

7. Freelancer Max- $140
This Freelancer is slightly different than the base it loses the S2 missile racks,  and the shield is downgraded to a S4, However the Max replaces 2x S2 unmanned turrets with 2x S4s and you also get a S6 shields. So Max vs the base model is a good trade off for more cargo carrying 123 SCU.
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... ancer/Freelancer-MAX


8. Constellation Taurus- $150- Hangar Ready

The Taurus is the cheapest in the Constellation line and is able to haul the most cargo it can carry 243 SCU making it carry almost double the the load of the Freelancer Max and more fire power. It has 4x S4 gimbaled mount, 1 x S4 manned turret, and 2x S1 missile racks. It's power is S6 and shields are S5 giving it good defense. So Taurus vs Freelancer, I would say the Taurus. Also the Constellation Andromeda is a heavier armed version of the Taurus carring more missiles and a fighter but it losses siginfigant cargo space, so it would be better in more dangerous space but the Tauras would be a better pure trader. 
link- https://robertsspaceindus ... Constellation-Taurus

9. Hull C- $200- Limited Sales

This is the first multi crewed ship in the hull series and should be one of the most common ships in the universe. Basically identical to the others in the Hull series in what it can and can't do,  this model carries 4608 SCU. For weaponry it has 2x S1 gimballed and 6x S2 gimballed. But do to the size and slowness of the ship it will be hard to get a faster ship in the crosshairs, making an escort highly recommended.
link-  https://robertsspaceindus ... ge/ships/hull/Hull-C

10. Caterpillar- $245- Limited Sales

A highly modular ship giving you plenty of options for this ship's role, but as a pure cargo ship it can carry 512 SCU. It has 4x S4 gimbaled weapons, a S5 shield, and a S5 power plant, giving it substantial defensive power providing more trade routes that it can travel safely that a Hull series can, but as a trader i would recommend just paying $5 more and getting a Merchantman.  

11. Banu Merchantman- $250- Limited Sales

The only Banu designed ship currently in the game. It can carry 5018 SCU and is supposed to be fast and is the largest ship able to land on a planet. Also the Merchantman can be used as a mobile bazaar, landing on planets and allowing you to conduct meetings in your onboard conference room. No word on the weapons yet but it's been theorized that it will have substantial firepower to go with its S7 shield and a S6 power plant. I would recommend this ship over any that are higher up on the list due to implied versatility.
link-    https://robertsspaceindus ... chantman/Merchantman

12. Hull D- $350 and Hull E- $550- both are limited sales

I'm just going to group these 2 together as apart from cargo and weapons they are similar. The D can carry 20,736 SCU and has the same weapons as the Hull C. Hull E is the king of trade ships carrying 98,304 SCU, and all its weapons are a size bigger than their Hull C and D counterparts. Both these ships will have a crew of 5 and will require a escort and having a large organization as support is almost required to safely trade in these.   


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