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6th Feb 2018

Stepped away from the game for a bit, re-downloaded and reinstalled last night. Upgraded my Mustang Alpha to a Beta for that home away from home feel in the deep black. Anyway, aside from the really, really long loading screens when joining crusader, im getting a solid 3-25 FPS with a Zotac 1080 Mini and an OC'D I5-6600K. Went hunting for some solutions and found that anything above 1440p really struggles for some reason. Here is a post from the SC forums that really helped me troubleshoot, in case anyone else is having problems. Hope this helps anyone with similar issues.

"Here is the shared google document we use for resolving helpdesk issues. Feel free to use this to find solutions to common issues including error codes. Example photos of first 4 pages are in screenshots below.


You can make edits and additions to the document which will be reviewed and accepted if they’re tasty. We try and use a ‘copy/paste’ format to make it easy to paste it to someone having an issue.

Issues tracked for 3.0 PTU currently include: Error 10002, 14004, 15006, 20007, 30007 + others, along with general error troubleshooting for the delta patcher and ingame.

Other solutions include the black loading screen when entering Crusader, Transparent / invisible launcher, not receiving email after copying account to PTU, 3.0 download stalling near end, missing bits of patcher’s GUI, patcher crashing, console command to display FPSand how to quantum travel in 3.0.".

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