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We are considering hosting a DayZ SA server. However, it's not just as simple as saying we are going to do it. Here is what we need:

1) If they don't release private server files like they say they are going to (between release .60-65)--the price of hosting.
2) What RCon tools can we use to admin? And is it hostable on our private box?
2a) What can this tool do? Are we able to build a perk system utilizing it (I.E. custom kill messages, custom knife messages, custom join messages, custom start kits, etc.)
3) 10-15 individuals within the group to help run things ('seed' the server in low pop, take it easy on killing noobs, help noob players, etc)
3a) When we ask these 10-15 individuals, they need to verify that they are fine with listening to your direction and will support YOU being in charge.
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superhanssolo 23rd Feb
you lost gardens and lumped island? woooot!
Krustbox 23rd Feb
Easy money
OrangeEnergyJeb 23rd Feb
Drats. Really wanted to play Lumpy Gardens and not Lost Island
Angry_Cuban13 23rd Feb
It depends on the time, the map rotation changes at various points of the day
Texas_Flexas 22nd Feb
Big ole lumps in that ole garden
OrangeEnergyJeb 22nd Feb
Map vote rotation is weird. It said next map was Lumpy Gardens but changed to Lost Islands
Texas_Flexas 22nd Feb
Ive never played DS before, but wow, its awesome.
hoopyfrood92 21st Feb
Dead Space is free right now too.
Angry_Cuban13 21st Feb
Syk3z 21st Feb
Hello, anyone here atm?
TwinGunsLLP 21st Feb
Angry_Cuban13 21st Feb
cool thanks Twin
Angry_Cuban13 21st Feb
lol goddamn fat fingers, yeah NFS
TwinGunsLLP 21st Feb
And it has the ///M4 in it so I had to get it lol.
TwinGunsLLP 21st Feb
NOS? You mean NFS? Yes at the start it did, but all has been fixed now. I purposely waited until they fixed that BS before I bought it. It's a really, really fun arcade racer and the graphics are pretty dope.
Angry_Cuban13 21st Feb
might pick up NOS. didn't it have a weird loot boxes system?
TwinGunsLLP 21st Feb
If you've been waiting on Star Wars too, the elite edition is only $31.99 now with the sale.
TwinGunsLLP 21st Feb
Origin has 60% off deal today for many games. Any arcade racing fans, I recommend Need for Speed Payback. Pretty fun!
Angry_Cuban13 21st Feb
So competitive that their server is sitting super empty.
AngryMilks 21st Feb
I too would love to have 60hz and also be stable, if you have any insight into that please let me know.
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