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17th Jan 2016


We are considering hosting a DayZ SA server. However, it's not just as simple as saying we are going to do it. Here is what we need:

1) If they don't release private server files like they say they are going to (between release .60-65)--the price of hosting.
2) What RCon tools can we use to admin? And is it hostable on our private box?
2a) What can this tool do? Are we able to build a perk system utilizing it (I.E. custom kill messages, custom knife messages, custom join messages, custom start kits, etc.)
3) 10-15 individuals within the group to help run things ('seed' the server in low pop, take it easy on killing noobs, help noob players, etc)
3a) When we ask these 10-15 individuals, they need to verify that they are fine with listening to your direction and will support YOU being in charge.
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Forum » General Gaming » DayZ Standalone
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