That ARMA 3 tho
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29th Dec 2016

MLRS rounds coming in

Trying to avoid detection

AI making a costly mistake

Sneaking around

Ammo run!

AI Scrubs

HALO'ing to an objective.
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29th Dec 2016

Here is some horrible game play from my first night of Arma, over an hour long but it was fun! 

Server #1:

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1st Jan 2017

Sunset at FOB ALpha

Fixing a flat on an ammo run

Incoming rounds of democracy and freedom

Pesky reinforcements

Someone had a rough night.

Found the enemy tank at FOB Echo

Regulators, mounted up

Rolling 8 deep in a tank 

I wear the enemy's camo, whoops

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1st Jan 2017

Nah m8 A3Armory Wasteland
BlynD (Banned)
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10th Feb 2017

MiG servers 1-3 only way to go ! Working on making 2 King of the Hill Servers now to put HTO out cause they are dickheads.
MiG Server: Mixed Mode(Liberation Altis, might be mission complete in 3-4 more days)
MiG Server:Insurgency
MiG Server: Test(currently on apex liberation.

Revision: Cheers to a decade of community friendship

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