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17th Apr 2018

ever consider taking a stand against these gaming companies mainly the one we all seem to like as well enjoy?
in the first few games they released, they also shipped with a map/mod editor, went by the name of Battlecraft, I made a few maps for Battlefield Vietnam back in the day, weren't overly exciting but they did go by spec.

Seems some of us have more pull in this game than others do yet lack the backing of a being supposed to back one another under any circumstances, as for who should take back what was made for the people or gamers is just that, the gamers need to step up, make the stand even if it means stopping with purchases from these companies, ooooh probly hit a soft spot there didn't I?

oh oh oh, wait, no that would be bad, they might release something that makes the game even better than it already is, and we all know that's a bad move in the system of uselessness and pure injustice for all.

how is it them community maps never made it past their offices when the developed them? not much community in ownership is there? they claim they were made from the community when all they were doing was phishing for more ideas, kinda pisses me off knowing the community could have done better than dice.

take a look at the past when judging the future, Battlefield 1942 was the 1st unique game of its kind, with the ability of moving war ships, Desert Combat was prime and made the game fly off the shelves...

added note, the control within Canada's system is beyond too much, limited access is always denied when entering from another dimension or universe, this system is completely FUCKED
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