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12th Jun

This is the email I received from the developers as soon as I signed up for their email updates.

The last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster. We were caught off guard by the amazing response by the FPS and strategy game communities as we’ve begun to unveil all the work we’ve done over the last couple of years. We want to assure you that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As gamers and developers, we understand that communication is the most important aspect of creating an independent title and we understand that supporting a brand new title is a risk. We too have been stung by amazing screenshots, great ideas and then games that have never materialized.
We've had many people ask what the plan is behind our Kickstarter, Alpha and Beta, and how they can be a part of our testing phase. So, we're laying down the plan.

We've been lucky enough to receive a huge amount of support from across all our channels - be it Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and on the website. Collectively we’ve had over five million views!

We'd appreciate it if you followed us across these channels as it'll help us keep you up to date with the progress as we develop Hell Let Loose.

We’re going to launch some video content to start giving you an idea of the mood of Hell Let Loose, as well as showing you the first map in motion. During this time, we’ll also complete the Steam Direct process. Valve will be launching this process on June 13 and it'll allow us to begin implementing the Steam subsystem for Hell Let Loose - bringing us that much closer to release. It'll also help us issue Alpha, Beta and Early Access keys to our Kickstarter backers.

Our Kickstarter will launch shortly after the cinematic with a video showcasing gameplay and our vision for the title. We'd absolutely love your support. It's going to be crucial to allow us to deliver Hell Let Loose with as much content as possible, in the shortest possible timeframe and at full-release quality. Without the Kickstarter we won’t have the funds to be able to finish the title for 2018, so your support really does matter!
The Kickstarter will offer several tiers - beginning with the Veteran tier (USD $29.95) - that allow access to our Closed Alpha and Beta testing phases. If you’re interested in helping us test the game, then we’d love your support here.

If you’re not interested in fighting through the bugs with us and would prefer to enjoy the title at launch, by supporting our Rifleman (USD $24.95) tier you'll be receiving a nice discount on the title when it releases on Steam next year for an estimated retail price of USD $29.95.

We also have a limited number of keys for the Scout (USD $19.95) tier. The Scout tier will offer both a discount on the game when it releases, but also access to our Closed Alpha and Beta waves. There are only a limited number of these, so get in quick when we send our Kickstarter Launch email.

Lastly, if you want to support us above and beyond, we’ve lined up lots of goodies for the high tier backers. From the soundtrack and hi-res tactical maps, to the chance to see your name in the credits and choose a map to develop - or even naming a Tiger tank - we hope we can provide something for everybody in our Kickstarter.

If you’ve been generous enough to back us at the Veteran (or higher) tier in the Kickstarter, you’ll receive a key to jump on and help us test the Alpha and Beta client of Hell Let Loose in Q3 and Q4 (approximate) of 2017.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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13th Jun

Yep, me too and everybody else who signed up, i really want to play this game.
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10th Jul

Here is the video they promised, looks fantastic!

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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15th Jul

Lets hope for the best right, im optimistic tho
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27th Jul

Wow that look's great! Just hope it will have larger map's. That's the one thing i dont care for in RS2:Vietnam. Map's just feel so small.
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