Gears of War : Ultimate Edition (PC)
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3rd Mar 2016

Don't do it... Just don't for the love of humanity...

I made the mistake of buying it, and let me tell you its riddled with issues.

*AMD APU / GPU - Causes BSOD and/or severe performance issues
*G-Sync Monitors - Cause severe performance issues
*Match Making - Still fucking host based (Who the fuck still does this)
*Aim after sprinting - 10ms-50ms accuracy decline after roadie running (When I say accuracy decline I mean try hitting the broad side of a barn)
*Playing on Ultra requires Nvidia GTX 780, 16GB RAM, i5-4690k or higher. (Most people don't have the funds to make a super rig so wtf)
*Split Screen - Never happening
*Xbox Live - No integration or cross platform play...

Believe me I could go on and on about this, but it seems like a bit of polish (which is nice looking and all) on a port of a really old game that probably should have just been left to die.

I'll keep at it, but looks like campaign will be a one and done game for me...
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