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17th Oct 2016

Had fun playing Diablo 3 with some of the guys last night.  Made a very short movie to test if i could play the torment level 13 without dying. Last time I played torment 10 was the highest level. so here I go first solo gameplay in a year and a half...at least.

https://youtu.be/BggWLMKQ ... bro

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17th Oct 2016

Haven't played since Marauder's was BIS for DH

"The quieter you are, the more you are able to hear" ― Ram Dass

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17th Oct 2016

There are a handful of members who usually get on and play pretty much every night for the first monthish of each new season. This season (season 7) hasnt been to great with all the sets and such being soooo similar to season 6 and not much new content.
BlackbartTX is pretty much the king of monks so I always ask him when I have D3 questions. Look me up next time youre playing and I can help push you higher torment lvl wise.
Are you playing the season or non season?

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21st Oct 2016

Hiyo...KING OF MONKS HERE<<<< Lol just kidding, I haven't played lately and it sounds like they aren't changing anything in game any time soon, D4 coming next year....
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Angry_Cuban13 5:37 AM
Also, for that type of claim we would need something a little more substantial than you saying he has "ESP hack for sure". Like a video showing this "hack".
Angry_Cuban13 5:36 AM
The chatbox is not the correct place to report players. It is extremely simple to report players. Simply create a post here (http://www.migaming.us/bo ... ard/299053)
sambo 3:45 AM
I'd like to report a hacker, but you guys make it HARD to do so. players name is: [FC] SNAKEEYEZ80 he has ESP hack for sure. thank you.
MagicFlightLB 19th Mar
sites been working fine for me
The Oven 19th Mar
what a joke
The Oven 19th Mar
Angry_Cuban13 19th Mar
I just connected via ts.migaming.us
MIGaming 19th Mar
They told me they fixed ts.migaming.us but it still seems to not be working.... Anyone else?
Angry_Cuban13 18th Mar
Read our rules, it specifies what griefing/trolling is.
Kittypanlover 18th Mar
what qualifies as trolling? in some servers killing enemy snipers with c4 is seen as trolling
Angry_Cuban13 18th Mar
Well trolling is against our rules...
lordteapot 18th Mar
lordteapot 18th Mar
as long as i can still flood the chat and troll i'm good with whatever happens
Da-Jesuss 18th Mar
Angry_Cuban13 17th Mar
Thanks for making everything okay Howie, say hi to Linda.
HowieMandel 17th Mar
Yo Im here so, like yah , things are ok now
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
Konflict did a bad thing, so he was put in timeout.
SNARL 16th Mar
Why is Konflict banned?
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
and JERiv.
Angry_Cuban13 16th Mar
There's nothing going on. Konflict decided to do his own thing. However, we will be undergoing a name change at the end of this year possibly since our domain name is expiring. at that time we will make an announcement as to what will become of MIg. As of today, MIg's Leads continue to be Brian
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