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26th Aug 2016

Greetings everyone! 

I have spoken with PrOpR1oCePtIoN (Brian) on TeamSpeak a few moments ago.  I'm in search of a gaming community to join in order to meet new folks and have a good time.  You guys don't seem to have an ARK: Survival Evolved server at this time.  I've been hosting my ARK server for almost three months and have been just about the only person out and about on the server.  After speaking with Brian, he said I may be in luck!  Some of you might be interested in a possible ARK server for the gaming community so this "deal" could work out for both parties.  I'm more than willing to essentially donate the server to the Murder Inc. Gaming community since you all don't have a server.  I'm not in this for money... I'm just hoping to meet new people and hopefully join you all in addition to providing your community with an ARK server.  I am more than willing to ensure all server costs are taken care of.

About me:
I am currently 21 years of age and am a college student pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity.  Running an ARK server has been beneficial as I've been able to use it to learn about my field when it comes to server hosting.  It's definitely been a learning experience.  I am very active and strive to maintain a professional attitude at all times in order to reach a desirable outcome for the good of the group.  I look forward to speaking with you all more on TeamSpeak.

About the server:

I want to preface this by stating that I'm more than willing to change up any configuration on the server to meet demands of any players who're interested.  I ensure that it is consistently up-to-date and running efficiently at  all times.  If demands for the server are increased, I will definitely increase the slot count of the server accordingly to meet player demand.  All of this being said,  I am a college student and I work 1 day/week as well so I am a bit busy when I'm not online.  For those times when I'm not online (assuming the players are interested in this server!), I will be more than willing to promote server administrators if they're willing.  I am also open to changing the server name to fit you all as well if that would be something you all would be interested in.  I do not want to take credit for it if you all are the primary players interested.

Breeder's Paradise: Center PvPvE (15XP*15G*25T*100Hatch/Breed)
Server IP:

Server Information & Statistics:
-NO server wipes - you won't lose your progress!!
-Server will be maintained and after 7 days of inactivity, any built items / dinos will be removed.
-Map: The Center
-Max Player Level: 200
-Max Wild Dinosaur Level: 150 (Difficulty: 5)
-Experience: 15x
-Gather: 15x
-Taming: 25x
-All Breeding / Hatching Statistics: 100x 
     -*Imprinting % Increased Accordingly*
     -*Any imprinting isn't lost if you miss an imprinting step!*
-Floating Combat Text

Mod List:
-Resource Stacks
-ExtraArk: Doors
-Glass with Metal
-Pimp My Dino
-Ark Advanced
-Corpse Finder
-Pet Finder
-Meat Spoiler
-Kilrath's Boat Mod
-Ikki's Unlimited Crop Capacity
-Egg & Poop Collector
-Dino Color Mod
-DPs tranq mod
-Offline Raid Protection (ORP): All passive dinos & buildings are immune to damage.
     **IMPORTANT**: Must build the ORP structure from engram list and place.
-Reusable Plus
-RAWR Beacons
-Glow Rails
-Tavan's Trough
-Bridge Mod
-Corrected Structures
-Big Walls
-Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls
-Backpack Mod
-Admin Command Menu

I am grateful for your time and if this is something you all would be interested in - I'd be happy to team up and essentially donate the server to you all.  All that I ask is that since this is a learning experience for me on a professional level that I am able to remain an administrator on the server.  Thank you all again for your time and interest.

I am eager to hear any feedback that you all may have! Is this a good idea? Would this be a good fit for you all? Are you all interested?

If any of you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at  I am logging for the night but will check in with you all tomorrow.  I'm excited to hopefully join you all and get to know you all!

Thank you again!


Trey Hurst
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26th Aug 2016

Hello Trey,

I tried playing ARK but it's kind of a though game for a newbie, however I encourage you to read over this, but you've been keeping your server for 3 months. I'm willing to give it a shot again as long as that stupid snake near the water doesn't kill me

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26th Aug 2016

Hey there!

I appreciate you taking the time to respond! I did read over the link provided by both you and Brian.  I understand that in undertaking this process with you all, it requires getting to know all of you which is exciting in and of itself.  Nonetheless, thanks again for taking the time to respond to the post.  Hopefully we'll get a few more bites of others interested as well!  *thumbs up*

Praetorian (Banned)
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12th Sep 2016

I cant find the server

Server 10

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