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19th May 2016

Currently Prop and I decided to run a 1 week wipe cycle. This is mostly due to the fact that we have a population below 20 during the second week. Many people get raided during the first week of the wipe, stop playing and wait for the next wipe. 

I heard most people say they want a two week cycle, but when I see the numbers I can't understand why. I encourage people that enjoy our server to explain why they prefer it.  

I want to let everyone know that the 1 week cycle isn't concrete. We are completely open to suggestions.

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23rd May 2016

so far what ive been seeing is people want 2 week cycles with the chat on the server. but if you guys are experiencing that problem with the drops maybe if its possible i could suggest doing something a little new.. maybe with 1 and a half week wipes everyone would be happy, giving players more time so they feel as if they can commit more time while everyone less who just want the 1 week wont feel as if it too long of a wait for the next wipe and there is a higher chance that theyll stay seeing that the increased time isn't to bad
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23rd May 2016

The issue with that is that a 1 and a half week weeks wouldn't fall on dev updates. So it a forced wipe happens the schedule would be all screwed up.
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31st May 2016

Hey i was playing on the server and im on endgame but theres no time to raid people or get build up anymore and with the server wiping in 2 days it just does'nt feel right. I see that everyone wants a 2 week wipe cycle so that theres more time to raid and build up a little more i feel like moving it to a 2 week wipe cycle it would be perfect.
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1st Jun 2016

Yeap, that's how two week wipe cycles started then, on the second week there were only 20-40 peeps on.... We don't actually care either way but it seemed with the low pop in second week.... One week wipes kind of made sense. Do you know anyone else who wants to play 2wk wipes? Would like to see them post up.
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1st Jun 2016

(12:02:06) | [CHAT] PrOpR1oCePtIoN[2061024/76561198033623823] : guys, one week or two week wipes. What is your preference?
(12:02:11) | [CHAT] DieViolent[863888/76561198012770553] : two
(12:02:25) | [CHAT] Chadilac187[3071049/76561198157407392] : Def two.
(12:02:37) | [CHAT] PrOpR1oCePtIoN[2061024/76561198033623823] : krojak or deadwing, are you here?
(12:02:42) | [CHAT] kmccrea31[2108980/76561198039891705] : 2
(12:02:45) | [CHAT] Deadwing[20574/76561198066095143] : what
(12:02:58) | [CHAT] PrOpR1oCePtIoN[2061024/76561198033623823] : dead, one or two week wipes. What is your preference?
(12:03:06) | [CHAT] DieViolent[863888/76561198012770553] : are these just map or bp
(12:03:11) | [CHAT] PrOpR1oCePtIoN[2061024/76561198033623823] : maps
(12:03:12) | [CHAT] DieViolent[863888/76561198012770553] : cause map weekly isnt bad
(12:03:20) | [CHAT] DieViolent[863888/76561198012770553] : we got this place done in 3 days
(12:03:25) | [CHAT] Deadwing[20574/76561198066095143] : one week is fine
(12:03:26) | [CHAT] DieViolent[863888/76561198012770553] : 2 weeks for bo for sure
(12:03:29) | [CHAT] DieViolent[863888/76561198012770553] : bp
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1st Jun 2016

I don't really think people know why they want two week wipes. Yes there is more time to build a base.... but in the mean time you have already been raided and starting all over again. Most people don't start all over again.

I vote two week wipes just on the fact that it is what people want. When people are complaining why the server isn't populated on the second week they should realize why.

1: They are already raided and are waiting for next wipe
2: They don't play the game enough.

People can play the game the way they want, but the wipes are there for a reason. I seen many people say that they wish it was a monthly wipe. So many people get butt hurt about getting raided the first week that they wait for the next round, that way everyone starts at an even keel and have a fair chance. This is why BP wipes are so popular.

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