problem with server/connect to server
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15th May 2016

Hey first of all i want to thank you for this awsome server. as beginner it helped me alot to join it.

second of all today when i tried to login, it got like error message about server need to update. how do i fix it? I also have tried to join teamspeak. But that ain't working either -"need password"



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15th May 2016

Hey Ingobernable. Sorry for the wait. I'm not sure about your issue. It sounds like something on your side. Maybe right click on your Rust in steam and make sure you opt out of the beta's.

Our TS is : Type this into the address bar

I am having a similiar issue. There are also many reports of other players unable to launch Rust. They are getting this: Rust Launcher Error: LauncherFailure - Error validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate. This is not just happening to our server.

Until I get further information on the matter from other server admins and the devs then I guess we should just wait for the patch.

Thanks for the post.
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18th May 2016

Hi that problem is fixed. now i got another problem. when trying to connect to server it hangs up on "reciving data"... i have like waited for hours. reinstalled game etc.

Iam sure it is not from me this time. I got 100/100 MB fiber connection. And previous gaming had no lagging at all.

how do i get this problem done?

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19th May 2016

It's hard to say. Are all of your drivers updated? What are the specs of your system?
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16th Jun 2016

Server need to be updated please

Getoff my Lawn

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16th Jun 2016

QuoteServer need to be updated please


Just took a look at your join error, it's not us it's you. Verify game cache. 
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17th Jun 2016

Fixed thx bro !

Getoff my Lawn

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something going on with the server?
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We don't have game rotation, it's vote based and Locker and Metro played today
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I got accused of cheating today. I feel like I am actually getting better at this game lol
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Usually after 3 strikes you're out. lol.
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He's getting perma banned next time. This is his third ban.
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I was on when it happened as well as Ultrasparc. Ganja switched sides after getting killed by him and then raged tk's him until the server kicked him. He was being a jackass even after Tusk had left at the end of that round.
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uh Tusk got TK'd by the other player? really is that how it works??? I was under the impression a TK was by ones own self
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Nice one lol!
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I was surprised you let me get so close
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Nice C4 on me yesterday by the way Cuban, sorry I missed it as I had to get up to get a drink.
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Tusk is as solid as they come, never even heard him complain about anything!
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It's almost like admins know how to do their job, who would've thought!
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my bad
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