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5th Feb

As of lately we have quite a few people playing Rust but we are broken between two different servers (100planes and Rust 3x). 

For awhile now it's been in the planning that we were going to start our Rust server back up. So last night B1G and I decided to set one up and experiment with different mods to see what would be acceptable to everyone currently playing the game.

This is where I need your help. If I take the time to set up and Oxide server will everyone be willing to switch to it.  If yes, I need to know everyones opinions on what mods to implement. I want to create a happy medium between the two servers we currently play on.  

So, I'll  throw the link to this thread around so everyone can put in there to cents. 

- Are you willing to help seed and play on a server made by us?
- What are your favorite things about your current server (Mods and admin roles)
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6th Feb

I myself am super excited about this! This is your opportunity if you love playing rust to have a server built around your needs! Don't miss out, give us feedback!
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6th Feb

What would you like to see included in upcoming VIP kits?

What about barrel spawns, components only or something more?

We already have many of the most popular plugins implemented.. We can do just about anything!

And while it is still a test server, maybe use this opportunity to log on and refine your building skills. Test new building designs, time yourself etc.

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8th Feb

Just realized my post didn't make it. I think this, we make it PVP heavy.

1) Modified loot to drop good guns/ammo/components out of air drops
2) 5x gather (happy medium)
3) Insta craft
4) live map, friends, clans (sharing doors, no damage, etc)
5) No remove, build your base right the first time
6) rwarp to monuments, maybe a couple homes, friend tp?
7) Armor / clothes / high qual / explosives (or rockets/c4) in air drops. Not to over do it so bases aren't destroyed 5 mins after putting up a 75-100k base.
8) Rewards for play time (buy kits) / points for shop and bounties
9) insta smelt and instacraft.

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8th Feb

some type of events would be cool
BlynD (Banned)
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8th Feb

Oven what kind of events have you seen on Rust, or do you have any ideas in mind?

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9th Feb

QuoteOven what kind of events have you seen on Rust, or do you have any ideas in mind?
the ones are the rusty server are mostly custom so not sure what is available publicly

there is a scavenger hunt, plane crash, meteor, but honestly they mostly suck

I was on deadlaugh and they had an event you opted into that was a hunger games type event 


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22nd Feb

Rust server is close to being finished. We could really use additional feedback from those who are interested
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23rd Feb

What is the name of our server?
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24th Feb

Man, I thought I was the only one playing Rust from MiG....

If we are having a modded server I would like to see some the following:

1. 10x-100x gather rates
2. fast smelting
3. NO teleporting (or at least limited teleporting per day (24 hours))
4. better loot from crates/barrels
5. long day cycle/short night cycle
6. 2 chopper spawns
7. 3 week wipes
8. no decay on sheet metal and armored (thatch, wood, and stone still decay)
9. map overlay
10. HUD that lists active players
11. 50-100 population limit.
12. large maps

Just some ideas, take em or leave em :-)
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25th Feb

This game is like smack for me... I loathe this fucking game so much, but I can't stop playing... The hope is so addictive, lol.

I ask one thing as far as preference goes: Let's just be resource wise. Hplanes is obviously underpowered for all of the plugins and population. Zero lag at max load. If we add a plugin and get bogged, let someone know. I've got a few last resort tricks up my sleeve as far as processing power goes.

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15th Mar

After playing on the server for about 45 hours now, seeing people come and go, buildings rise and topple... here are a few suggestions:

1.Remove the Boom Kit. Everything of value in the Boom Kit (launcher, c4, rockets, lowgrade) can all be found quite easily in crates and barrels.
2. Modify the Build Kit -> 2000HQ, 10k Stone, 10k Wood, 5k MetalFrags for 200RP
3. Create a Health Kit -> 10 Large Medkits, 20 Syringes, 20 Bandages, 100 Berries for 50RP
4. Add pistol ammo variants to the store using the same prices as 5.56 ammo variants.
5. Add berries to the store (stack of 20) for 5RP
6. Create a Spawn Kit (when the player spawns) -> Python Revolver, 24 pistol bullets, Hatchet, Pickaxe, T-Shirt, Pants, Boots, and either 5 Berries or 20 shrooms

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