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3rd Feb 2016

New to rust? New to MIGaming? Or just plain tired of being raided? 

Join the Noob village today!! We offer Residence and protection well you learn the ropes of playing in the rough environment of rust! 

You will learn how to craft items to survive! Build better, stronger houses! Find team mates that you will have the bond of combat to trust!

This will be a great stepping stone for you to become the next BChillz!!

If you would like to join

  • Respond to this post with your in-game name.
  • Find the noob village in game.
  • Message anyone with the NOOB tag in game!

Join the noob village! Create a better MIGaming community! 

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3rd Feb 2016

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3rd Feb 2016

Hi my in game name is "Wolf" I would like to request a place in noob village as I am still trying to learn the game. Help me plz. I am not trying to scout the village location for evil reasons! :|

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Angry_Cuban13 4:38 PM
We don't have game rotation, it's vote based and Locker and Metro played today
Platypusman10 3:23 PM
just curious how do you choose game rotation, i see metro and locker are out?
Kittypanlover 2:42 PM
yeah, hackusations makes me more cocky and confident, it's amazing when it happens.
Angry_Cuban13 1:10 PM
Why do you wanna know, looking for a free ban?
godsowndelta 12:36 PM
how do you cheat in this game anyway?
TwinGunsLLP 12:21 PM
Ganja get yo shiz straight! No BF4 servers as good as #1!!
Angry_Cuban13 8:20 AM
@Hoopy guess I'm feeling generous. Technically this is his second, I think he got auto-banned by the language enforcer due to one of those weird words
Angry_Cuban13 8:18 AM
It feels good don't it
MagicFlightLB 17th Feb
I got accused of cheating today. I feel like I am actually getting better at this game lol
hoopyfrood92 16th Feb
Usually after 3 strikes you're out. lol.
Angry_Cuban13 16th Feb
He's getting perma banned next time. This is his third ban.
hoopyfrood92 16th Feb
I was on when it happened as well as Ultrasparc. Ganja switched sides after getting killed by him and then raged tk's him until the server kicked him. He was being a jackass even after Tusk had left at the end of that round.
godsowndelta 16th Feb
uh Tusk got TK'd by the other player? really is that how it works??? I was under the impression a TK was by ones own self
TwinGunsLLP 16th Feb
Nice one lol!
Angry_Cuban13 16th Feb
I was surprised you let me get so close
TwinGunsLLP 16th Feb
Nice C4 on me yesterday by the way Cuban, sorry I missed it as I had to get up to get a drink.
TwinGunsLLP 16th Feb
Tusk is as solid as they come, never even heard him complain about anything!
Angry_Cuban13 16th Feb
It's almost like admins know how to do their job, who would've thought!
UrbanCamper 16th Feb
my bad
UrbanCamper 16th Feb
too late to retract since i already shot my mouth off and couldn't retract
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