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23rd Jan 2016

Dev Blog 94

What do you guys think of the most recent update?

  • I personally like the new rain effects but I can't say the same for the rest of my group. Jetty says it lags down his game. I'm so happy they tossed the screen effects.
  • Super pumped about the new building implementations as well. It will be nice to see more variation in building designs. Right now I feel that every base looks to much alike
  • With most players boosting there gamma I don't really understand why they implemented the flashlight attachment.  
  • I also noticed that my game is running a hell of a lot smoother, but I'm not sure if it has to do with the update.

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23rd Jan 2016

I dunno, I wont get to play until mid feb :-(
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Angry_Cuban13 2:37 PM
Punkbuster doesn't ban, it just kicks you if you trigger a violation. Anti-cheat services such as PBBANS and BF4DB ban based on those violations
Angry_Cuban13 2:35 PM
Anyone who triggers a PB violation gets automatically banned in PBBANS & BF4DB
Angry_Cuban13 2:35 PM
If you are trying to report players in BD4DB, the BF4DB plugin already monitors PB Violations
Angry_Cuban13 2:34 PM
skipperlipicus 2:33 PM
where can i find a list of PB bans?
MyNamesNotRicckk 20th Jul
Thank you
Angry_Cuban13 20th Jul
Temporary, your ban was 3 days. It'll expire after today
MyNamesNotRicckk 19th Jul
Hello, I was given a ban after I was trolling on your guys's server. Is this temporary or permanent? I'd love to come back on and clean up my act.
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
send you a pm thx
Angry_Cuban13 17th Jul
Hey Pro, send me a PM with the receipt for your level 3 donation since you won't get a form this time
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
Level 3 paid for FcTermial,medfly101.ProStock Thx
-{F©}-ProStock 17th Jul
Level 3 paid for FcTermial,medfly101.ProStock Thx
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