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27th Jan 2016

I don't play rust, but as a member. I don't think you should name names when action is taken. Also, locking the discussion is bad form.

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27th Jan 2016

I'm still new here, but I like that they did a little post like that. Puts everything out in the open, nothing to hide. Its better they inform to build trust, than to hide it away as if it never happens. 

Of course they should deal with it professionally, and thats probably why they locked the post also. So comments didn't lead to an area they didn't want them. 
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27th Jan 2016

I'm still wondering who is the rust LEAD admin...

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27th Jan 2016

A post about this certainly need to be made so that everyone knows that we do handle business like we claim.

Did a name need to be posted. No, not needed. Anyone with any knowledge of this would have known who was involved without publicly naming.

Did the post need to be locked? Absolutely, there was no need to comment on it all. A post was made so that those who could have been affected, now or in the future, can be more trusting that in a game where admin abuse can happen easily, we wont stand by when it occurs. NO need to discuss it, blow it out of proportion, or open up to the peanut gallery and trolls. Yet, you went out of your way to make that happen.
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27th Jan 2016

In my opinion it was handled very professionally. I do not play Rust but I make a point to vote for our server almost daily.

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27th Jan 2016

I think i accidentally deleted your last comment Wat. Im using my phone and tried to delete a accidental post.

All I will say is that I feel I handled the situation the best I could. This was a very serious situation as we spent a lot of time and effort to get the servers population back. I also feel that the post was pretty reasonable, referencing from past situations and this one.

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28th Jan 2016

This post can probably be locked as well, Wat doesn't have any dog in this fight. Wat isn't even a Rust community member. Just on this forum to stir the pot.
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KiLLa_HerbZz 19th Jun
no your right honestly i wasnt really thinking that one through but i do appreciate you unbanning it wont happen again this time loll srry and thx
TwinGunsLLP 18th Jun
Thanks, will need it! Who the hell knows what this crap will do. ;P
Angry_Cuban13 18th Jun
Good luck!
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This chat box always makes me giggle
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Considering you've been playing in our servers for a very long time, I find it hilarious that you are acting surprised that fag and cunt are punished by the language enforcer. Considering plenty of people have gotten punished for using those words in the server.
Angry_Cuban13 18th Jun
I'll modify your ban from 14 days to 1 day as you didn't circumvent the language enforcer this time.
KiLLa_HerbZz 17th Jun
you can say whore bitch all that stuff but if you say cunt you get banned??? come opn
KiLLa_HerbZz 17th Jun
ok.. so i believe ive been banned again but this time i really didnt think id get banned for can you telll me the words i cant say
Angry_Cuban13 15th Jun
Good luck weird guy I always killed!
TwinGunsLLP 15th Jun
Be nice, he's off fulfilling his destiny now. Wish him luck.
PrOpR1oCePtIoN 15th Jun
for realz... What the fuck. Why you wasting our brain cells to read that.
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