BF4 Server #10: Hardcore Mixed Mode
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14th Feb 2018

QuoteThe community has lost faith in us, in our server 10 :-(  What used to be one of the most populated servers, regardless of the time of day, is now, I am sorry to say, usually empty.  Only during the peak hours, in the evenings of Friday and Saturday in the last 2 weeks, have I seen the server full.  In fact, last Friday night it was 57 of 64.  No wait, no queue.  

This is sad.  

I feel we must do something.  Before it is too late.  WE must have already been removed from favorites one to many times.We for one, need more seeders.  And we need more work on the VIP scripts, so we don't get kicked if we are a seeder.  

This is already done. The server actually hasn't actually change much in its activity, it's just your perception. Some days, it fills a little later but that's about it. Throwing more seeders at it could help if you want to help, let me know. The script already gives points to seeders and if you help out 3-4 times a week, you get level 3 perks on the servers ;-)

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19th Feb 2018

I still need to meet with you PrOpR1oCePtIoN on TS one of these days.
I haven't been able to get the seeder software to run/work on my Windows 7.

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1st Jan 2019

Any Chance we can get a few different TDM maps added to the rotation on server 10, Wavebreaker TDM and whatever map where you are inside the carrier are great and we dont play them, MS10GA.
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