Whitlisting and Cross-game MI ban
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4th Aug 2017

I just found out that you're the one American Hardcore All map All mode BF4 server, however, I cant join. Back in the days of BF3, I hacked a few times because I got bored, there was nothing else for me to do. I stopped playing for 3 years until a few weeks ago. I soon realised that my ban in BF3 causes me to get banned from your servers(Cross Game MI ban). I was wondering if by any means(including donating) if I would be able to get whitelisted(stop getting banned everytime I join).
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4th Aug 2017

That will be a big fat negative. We do not take any past or current cheaters. Thanks for your honesty and good luck.

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4th Aug 2017

There was nothing else to do.....

As in....nothing?

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