trying to help a friend
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22nd Feb 2016

A buddy of mine downloaded bf4 but keeps getting this error . the error is (0xc0000007b) .I've tried everything from running as administrator to reinstalling, to running in compatibility mode. I'm just at a loss for what to do.  Any fixes? 

Thanks ~Friday
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22nd Feb 2016

Did you Google the issue? What OS is he running?

Found in the BF4 Forums:

2014-06-03 17:12

1.right click C: Drive in MY COMPUTER, click properties, tools, then Error checking, check now, u may need to restart windows for it to do the scan,

2. repair game with all usb sockets unplugged apart from kboard/mouse, i noticed when replairing bf4 my mic disabled so it was doing somthing with the drivers.

3rd thing i did was Download and replace the following DLL files, Some we actually missing, not sure why.

Go to ... geBase/file/ []

put these files in the following folder:


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22nd Feb 2016

do what angrycuban suggested as that is the most likely cause.
you could also try troubleshooting it (pew pew style) with Process Monitor, see post No.10 from hardXor - ... ead/1355374?tstart=0

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