There's something in the water on Nansha Strike...
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9th Nov 2017

Having some hilarious teamspeak chats today (ex: "What song do you sing to yourself to get psyched up at the beginning of a map?"  )...and the map rotation landed us on Nansha Strike...Hadn't seen it done in a while - so I texted in Team chat that we ought to spawn the Megalodon.....people on teamspeak thought I was losing it (topic for another discussion ) - I was amazed how few people had seen it before....After some people missing the 'Cease Fire" texts - managed to arrive in time to see it (and NOT get killed for once!)  OMFG it is glorious....

For those of you wanting to see it yourselves - here's a (horrible quality I know: recording from my iPad) video of it from a few years ago....


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11th Nov 2017

You recorded it! Very cool brother. It was frikkin funny when that shark jumped out of the water and crushed a bunch of us to death.
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