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1st Apr 2016

I want to preface this with a few points.
1. I was always a hot head, I was recruited and accepted into this community with that being a known fact. I am a competitive person and I want to be the best at what I do, not always possible but I can strive to be.
2. I am honest about what I did or didn't do, if you ask me I will tell you. I don't have anything to hide and take responsibility for my actions.
3. I tell people like it is, now most people don't like it. You are being critical so they take it personally and understandably so, some reflect on this to improve but most don't. You ruffled their feathers and this makes you a dick, asshole  etc.
4. I don't exclude people based on their skill, as most people wrongly assume. It's based on decision making, and team/squad play being the most important to me. If you are in my squad I expect you to follow my lead, and work as a team.

It's been a lot of fun over the years about 5 and I have been a donating member for almost that long. With over 3500 hours of battle field played on CMW servers, I have seen many changes over the years. Basically everyone I joined the clan with has moved on, including its founder Dyn0.

When I joined there was a recruitment process applications to be fill out, admins voted then after an probation period tags award. When I say recruited it was more like head hunted, I still went through the process like everyone else but I was asked to start that process. There were two reasons I was a regular on the server, and I'm good at pointing and clicking.

In the past I was much more active in the community I was part of the clans scrim team (why I was recruited in the first place),  an admin (which I lost because I was to heavy handed, sounds oddly familiar...), I even ran skill clinic teaching the technical aspects of flying an attach helo, positioning on maps, timings, etc. As life moved on the demands on my times grew greater, the time I could spend playing in the evenings grew less and less and unfortunately for me most events take place then. My interest in playing BF didn't lessen just the time I could play it did and thus my involvement in the community.

As the community grew and changed I kept playing, mostly just after work. This really is the crutch of the issue, my lack of involvement in the community as new members joined and new management took over. They didn't get to know me as I wasn't really around; they got to know the hot head competitive me. I unintentionally distanced myself from the group "who the fuck is this guy what the fuck is his deal. Why is he special etc."

I want to clear a few things up.
1. I was never not once was banned from TS for any reason, I left TS over time as the way I played BF changed (looking back maybe not a good idea) but here is why. TS wasn't conducive to running a squad, random's that joined my squad were not always on TS making comm's with them difficult team play is number one. Most people I play with to this day I met randomly and used voip to communicate with.  And ideal chatter in TS was and is supper annoying, I would be in a channel playing with squad mates people would join talk about everything but BF and what's worst they weren't even in my squad or even playing BF some times.
2. I wasn't warned about my language, being a dick, or whatever else you want to call it. Now this is partly my fault not being active on TS or the forums how would one contact me.. That being said there are ways to get a hold of me, just requires a little effort like logging in to BF once in a while, I basically play the same time all the time. My first warning was being kicked/banned by Konflict, after calling someone a noob the stated reason "language Gross abuse".  I log into the forums made a post with inquire as to WTF, and at that time everything came into light.
3. I didn't stop typing because I was scared of a paper trail, in fact I never stopped typing. LIKE everyone else I use voice comms to communicate in game. Tell me the last game you played a game were you didn't use voip or TS. The answer it probably not in the last decade.
4. Attitude I play to win, I want every game to be my best game. That's how I play and what drives me. The people I play with accept that I'm a hot head, in fact these same people repeatedly join my squad fully aware of my attitude. I don't force people to join me, they chose it. If it's not for you ignore me, move on make your own squad and do your thing. 
5. Disrespect towards players sure I am guilty of, but who isn't. Telling someone to fuck off, calling them a noob scrub or whatever is common place it's a FPS shooter played online after all. It's not outside the normal behaviour on the server, I never repeatedly trolled anyone which to me would constitute gross abuse.

Those language rules have changed over time, there was a time when they did not exist you could say anything you wanted. The changes have mostly been good, but in their current incarnation not so much. If cussing is an issue ban it from the server, don't pick and choose what is ok to say and when or to whom it can be said. Its banned full stop do it be kick, repeatedly do it get banned period. The rules as they stand now are open to interpretation, as a member I am unsure what I can and cannot say, and the enforces of the rules have the authority to decided what is or isn't ok. This is ripe for abuse or perceived abuse because the direction to the community is unclear

I know I am not special and I don't expect special treatment, there is a stander for everyone. But that stander is not being applied equally; I stand out its easy to put a target on my back. I didn't upset the entire community to say so is a gross overstatement. I upset a small vocal minority of people, and some have admin rights. To say I don't represent the community in a good light sure I can buy that, then pull my tags. But to ban me from the community I help build, and that I have been a part of for a long time is wrong.  I ask that the ban be lifted, I feel it's based on personal feelings towards me rather than a breach of clan policies.

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1st Apr 2016


I've only played with you a few times, you're a decent player, but you also have a rep for being a HUGE ass. And really, coming from me, you have no idea how bad that is when even I know you have that rep...

I also know that you haven't pissed off a small minority, you've pissed off a large majority of MIg admins; because they all talk. That's the community thing you mentioned.

A few problems I'd like to point out, all direct quotes from your post:
  • If you are in my squad I expect you to follow my lead, and work as a team.
  • As life moved on the demands on my times grew greater
  • I didn't stop typing because I was scared of a paper trail, in fact I never stopped typing.
  • If it's not for you ignore me, move on make your own squad and do your thing.  
  • Disrespect towards players sure I am guilty of, but who isn't. 
  • But to ban me from the community I help build, and that I have been a part of for a long time is wrong.

You have a MASSIVE fucking chip on your shoulder. And I'm not just saying that, I mean there's actual evidence in your post for it... Here's the thing,  you moan for the entire page about how you're special for the contributions you've made to the community, and things you've done "just like everyone else", and then end by making a case for why you should be exempt from it because you're special. I don't know you personally, but in a handful of paragraphs, you sound like a hypocrite.

I've played with a lot of the MIG admins, they're nice, level-headed people. That you've pissed them off THIS badly, is really....kind of impressive. 

I have an ego too, a huge one, bigger than the knife I ram up Cuban's ass on a regular basis. But if you're going to be an egotistical bitch....OWN IT. Here, you're making excuses, I can see why you're seen as inconsistent and insincere...

You can be an ass, or you can be a community leader. Every community leader who happened to be an ass has in my experience been discarded. So pick one.


That Fucking Bitch of Server 9

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1st Apr 2016

I've got no problem with MorroM. On the occasions that I decide to take the game seriously I'll join his squad. I have no issue with his talking either, I'm former military heard a lot more and a lot worse. If you aren't yelling you aren't caring.

KonflicT_RiZe (Banned)
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1st Apr 2016


You weren't banned for calling someone a "noob"... You know better.

And anyone who knows me, knows that I have the highest tolerance threshold of any Admin within the community.

I honestly felt bad about your ban . I hate taking away anyones recreational time especially when its spent on our servers.

I've reviewed many video clips of your language dialogue over the years. Even as early as 2007. Bashing and crushing is just within your nature.

Those traits are good in game when utilized through combat but not when it comes to interacting with people directly through chat or vocally.

I wont downplay your combat skill in game but your public relation skills are pure shit. People play on our servers to have fun. Not to be verbally crushed into utter oblivion for lack of skill.

I am sorry man, but for now, the ban stays.

"If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny"

KonflicT_RiZe (Banned)
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2nd Apr 2016

That's just the thing

This isn't the military and he's already been told that if he wants to run a tactical squad with friends, its his right to do so. Lock the squad and do what you will.

But if you're going to run a public squad and play openly with the public you have an obligation to show a general respect for the people you play with. The same is true for anyone else. Shit talk is allowed but when it's constant bashing, telling someone how fucking terrible they are and how much of a piece of shit they are, over and over and over and over that's unacceptable.

People don't come on here to to put up with that shit.

"If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny"

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2nd Apr 2016

plz unBAN for him . He has repented
he is best player i think ,and There is very much that taught from him
Play with him is very interesting. I was fun

I hope MorroM come back to our server..............

Becouse this is fuckn war!!!
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2nd Apr 2016

the thing you don't know code is that he was warned more than you think.

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