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24th Jun 2016

  Hey i don't know why banned Vinoy, i know him a few times but what i know is he is not hacker.

  I think when you are angry with a player who plays better than you, any move that exceeds its can be given as a hacker. And on it have two accounts, what does it matter? I may well have another account and play with it too, if it is to be banned will be the same IP so why would I use a hack? I know two friends and an '' enemy '' that has fakes accounts and still have not found their names on any cheat site in Battlefield.

  I play in the CMW / Mig has more than 66 days (time) and I am surprised by this ban, in my mind I think there should be a common sense, no matter whether the complaint was made by a donor or not, there should be a look critical to what happened to responsibility, it is a difficult decision and I imagine how it is difficult to reach a conclusion, in which case it is not me and none of the others (except administrators) who will decide, I greatly admire the work of the community as a whole I've said it before and I'll say again, is the best server to play on BF4, there is no other better than Mig, either the quality or servers crowded most of the time. I wish good luck and patience to administrators who will judge the incident.

(Sorry about my bad english, I always try to do my best but i'm not perfect)

Ps: I was typing this text in the post made ​​by vinoy , but when I finished someone had already been deleted or I no longer had permission to comment , I know it's a private thing administrators but I just wanted to expose my point of view, even if not relevant here.

more about NSG and me in

BlynD (Banned)
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24th Jun 2016

I appreciate you making your way to our forums to share your opinion. At this time the topic is under heavy discussion by the administration team. This will be a closed topic and Vinoy's Bann appeal will be updated to the general public at a time we deem.

Revision: Cheers to a decade of community friendship

Forum » Murder Inc Hosted Games » Everything Battlefield Locked
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