taking bomb to incap
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24th Aug 2016

ok this is getting old in 10 server 1 side gets the bomb and then take the bomb back to there incap to set there to win . today they took it there with 13.56 mins left in the game .
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Praetorian (Banned)
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24th Aug 2016

This wasn't the first time they tried to hold it for a long period of time, once they tried it with at least 15 minutes left.

Server 10

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24th Aug 2016

Yeah, it sucks when assholes do that. But, what are we supposed to do? It is part of the game.
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21st Nov 2016

woah woah woah - i don't venture much from my rush addiction, but i've played enough obliteration to know the basics.

Are you telling me that if neither side has blown up any of the objectives, but one side has possession of the bomb and has it camped in their uncap - they will win the round?

what a boring and cheap strategy. that's got to be pretty frustrating to play with or against.
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Motorcharge (Banned)
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6th Dec 2016

I can't recall what happens in a tie, but more often than not when it happens it's one team has gotten 2 out of the 3 and rather than get the 3rd they'll just take the bomb to the far end of a map or back into an uncap and let the timer run out.

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