Seeding Parties: Which Servers aren't fun to seed?
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12th Nov 2016


There is definitely no server on the block this month. But, I have been checking the stats on servers and see a couple trends on servers being populated, but dying early anyways. So, what I want to do, is consider servers that the group is coming together to populate, but aren't having fun doing it anyways. Seems non-beneficial for the group. 

Let's keep the flaming and negative comments out of this. One person may have fun with a particular server, eight more may not. Respect opinions here. With that being said, during seeding parties, which servers are you really not into seeding?
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12th Nov 2016

Hey Prop,

I've been seeding a lot since it started, I try to be in it every day and so far the consensus is that Server 4 and Server 8 are the least enjoyable ones to seed due to the fact that they're Core...
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12th Nov 2016

Like you said, this would just be my opinion but I do not enjoy Normal mode or rush so Normal rush is just awful for me, however, I don't mind participating when I am available to do so. That would be the first one I consider losing..
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Server #1:

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12th Nov 2016

Yep all the "Normal" servers are the ones I don't enjoy going to.
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