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10th Dec 2016

if admins would stop locking posts i would not be posting more

why are you guys not inclined to have a conversation about admin abuse of powers?

i will not be silent about an unwarrented ban from servers i have payed to play on. period

if you have nothing usefull to add then be silent
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10th Dec 2016

if all the mi admins are just going to blindly back each other up without looking or understanding the facts of the matter then what is the point of trying to chat/talk with you ,'s almost like you're all sync'ed on the same menstruation cycle or something. how about we all have a conversation about actual facts instead of made up shit that you admins keep attemping to bring to the table
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10th Dec 2016

Dude you're a weirdo, go get bent.
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10th Dec 2016

guess you should get bent yourself ahole
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10th Dec 2016

Well well well....another refreshingly amusing.
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10th Dec 2016

Not because you are a donor youcan be disrespectful to others in game/teamspeak
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Live every evening around 7 PM EST @ ... stupidkoala

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10th Dec 2016

stupidkoala, thanks for not locking thread so i could respond and we could have a conversation. please show me where i broke the rules. the chat logs were posted and there are no warnings issued to me (hateopp) in any of them. there was some trash talk between myself and JValorDV but based on the rules & how i've seen the players/admins chat/talk in game, trash talk is allowed. donor or not an admin should not abuse their kick/ban powers. i've seen angry_cuban bait, trash talk & kick/ban people on multiple occasions and you other admins know this is happening and just sit back and allow it to continue.

angry_cuban posted:

You were warned to stop your behavior and told to stop by multiple admins and you decided to tell us:

"Fuck you" <---- (was chatting with JValorDV not angry_cuban or any other admin)

i was chatting with another player (JValorDV), check the chat logs, and had no idea an admin was going to take my words out of context and use them against me

if i was being warned, why was my name not used? i am not a mind reader

why was i the only player kicked/banned if there was disruptive chat happening when there were 2 of us trading verbal jabs? (hateopp & JValorDV)

i was kicked at the end of the game and the admin was on the losing team. was someone in their feelings and unable to administer their admin duties impartially?

below is from MiG admin handbook and section 2 is a great read:

5. Admin abuse

Section 1. What is admin abuse?

Admin Abuse is any admin abusing his or her position without justified reason or cause or to get an edge over other players.

Section 2. Examples of admin abuse

Some examples of Admin Abuse include but are not limited to, banning or kicking a player for being “too good.” Banning or kicking a player for talking crap to others or the admin themselves. Being asked by another player to ban or kick someone before investigating the cause for the request is also Admin Abuse. This list is not all inclusive and admins are expected to keep a level head when considering a kick or ban of a player. If in doubt consult another admin.

Banning or kicking a player for talking crap to others or the admin themselves <---it appears that shit talking is allowed
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10th Dec 2016

I honestly did not see anything in the chat log that should have elicited a kick/ban. The 2 guys were merely having a back and forth.
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11th Dec 2016

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11th Dec 2016

My tits are way too big for that!

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I saw the video, that's me everytime I fly
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in defence the of ruskies, this happened during military "war games", all they need to do is !f ?
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It's not the first time that dude has done that. He'll also find people who use mortars and switch to Support so he can constantly throw flashbangs at them so they can't use them.
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Nice, thank you sir!!
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He has been taken care of
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Chilidog saw it too.
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Definitely agree about the player report concerning "fckingsuch1". The guy was a total clown, tking and griefing in base. Lasted for several rounds as well, thanks.
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i had around 3 coins, sold them when they were around 42xx somehting
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True true, a bit of a rally today. I mean none of us who got in "early" can complain though, it's still been a great investment. Unless you bought over $3500 you're not a bag holder. Time will tell, good luck all!
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Should have sold coins a while ago. They had been talking about it for a while. And with N. Korea hacking specifically to steal bit coins, more fallout likely to come.
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@TwinGunsLLP, hurts don't it!??
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is ther an admin on rn?
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oh, wait..
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smoke all cubans!
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