Like it or not, unified launcher is coming soon...
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23rd Feb 2017

I just got the email, it doesn't say WHEN its happening but it is coming soon. I did notice that it said that battlelog will still be available even after the update so we shall see how this all works out. The email is below

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23rd Feb 2017

It also says that Battlelog will still be available. Thank God.

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Lyst1349 (Banned)
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23rd Feb 2017

I don't like it!!!
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23rd Feb 2017

It is strange and unknown. I know little to nothing about this new system and do not approve. I don't like things I don't know about.

The worst thing is that they didn't even ask me first.

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24th Feb 2017

yea, if you can still join from battlelog, that will be amazing!
Motorcharge (Banned)
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1st Mar 2017

I hated the browser interface when 4 first launched, but over time I actually like it more than sitting in que in a program. Only downside is when you accidentally close the tab and lose your position.
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3rd Mar 2017

I also hated the "Facebook" BF3, but now I love it. I can browse websites and watch videos while I am waiting for the game to play. It's much more seamless than having to tab out of the screen while its loading.

Let's hope we can still use Battlelog, but the message saying it will be a required update and will launch from Origin is a bad omen. I did not like the interface of BF1 at all.
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