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28th Mar 2016

Please define what language would be considered "Gross", as it stands now no language is defined and left open to interpretation. 
This loop needs to be closed, as it stands its way to easy to abuse.

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28th Mar 2016

Any type of homophobic, racial slur is prohibited. Pretty sure that's specified on our rules.

Look up bigotry. Funny enough it comed from French. Also prohibited. Also specified.

Player harassment, not allowed. You verbally attack players when things don't go your way.

You've been around long enough to know what is and what is not okay. You've been given numerous second chances. You do not represent CMW or MIg in a positive light.

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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28th Mar 2016

I have seen MorroM in the past, and if he hasn't seen me its because I avoid this player. From what I saw, nothing but problems - if he was a true team player, and someone that really wants to be a part of the community, why have I NEVER EVER seen MorroM in teamspeak or on the event nights? I understand those things are optional, but if you're going to be a fucking dick bag, at least make yourself available.

*** ADDED ***

Furthermore, ruining player experience is definitely grounds for removal.

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28th Mar 2016

You defined only half of what I asked you to do, you need to do the other half.
This is not about what "I did, or didn't do"
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28th Mar 2016

Sorry MorroM,

You have been warned multiple times. You even left TS because you were banned from the server for temper/language. You've been banned from the server for this--you stopped typing in game. You were kicked/banned again for total disrespect and attitude, as well as, language while using in-game comms. You then proceeded to continue to do it. We've always had it our server guidelines:

Within reason, we do not limit or have language filters on our servers. If someone deems it necessary to attack another guest or admin in game (or in TeamSpeak) we reserve the right to remove the problematic user. Repeated "trolling" of any nature (swearing or otherwise) will probably result in removal from the game.

Read more: ... elines#ixzz44EUX5S6s
And it appears you finally have just upset the community to much/to often. This ban will stick MorroM. Have a nice day/week.
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