It has been an absolute pleasure playing with you
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2-POINT-O (Banned)
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13th Jun

I have deactivated all my accounts with EA
I just wanted to come back and Thank you for allowing myself to enjoy and play on these fine servers.

My life has a calling and I'm fulfilling my destiny, its coming time to take back what is rightfully mine and not having this account will allow myself to move forward.

Again, Thank you MIGaming, you guys are amazing

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13th Jun
999 x 72
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21st Jun

Yo man where are you going?
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22nd Jun

Happy trails pard-ner!

2-POINT-O (Banned)
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23rd Jun

hardware limitations blocked my ability to keep up, besides I really need to get my shit together. Life went south leaving me standing somewhere south of the south pole. things might get really bad if I don't try to get my life back on track.
being that forensics psychiatry in Prince George interviewed me told the court I should be locked up as they tell me they think they can crawl inside my mind to manipulate my thoughts to say that I'm delusional for having a dream of fame and fortune, these worthless goat fuckers want me out of the picture, I can't help I'm a sponge and soak up knowledge just by looking at damn well anything i look at, codes in the positioning of bricks, i see things different and that scares the living goat shit out of stupid governments out of resources set on destroying the last planet man has been selected to care give.
If it comes to it and surely it won't but if it does, earth and the planetary alignments are set free, humans can leave... the abuse to the people is far worse than the pocket books government couldn't find the cure for yet the 3 main keys to re-establishing proper balance on mommy earth will either be in place by 2021 or if the courts decide to end existence for mankind on July 18th 2018.
Ya I was charged for trying to hand over the bomb without a prototype developed or even an image of devastation, oh wait, the word 'bomb' wasn't even mentioned yet the three ignorant humans decided to play it thru. I'm 99% given up, charged by a human judge for him saying he thought I thought what he thought in his puny mind I was going to do? I "See 4" off these under cars giving lift while hanging off the 'Walls' of them land loving contraptions you all call uh what are they called anyways? death traps?
I'm kinda baffled at how man fear levitation? I see these pushing off each other creating their own self sustaining energy, I can hear the popping as the in sequence burst energy to spin as fast as possible.

when you look at the friction and restrictive movement, the shaft is threaded to allow screwing down 'Nuts' much like man is screwed on earth, it wobbles like mommy earth does and eventually stops like earth will do.
look at the anger in the system, hunger, and starvation. what does society even think about a planet? they drop cigarette butts onto the ground ~DISRESPECTING MOM~, You all still roll on the surface sliding into one another on icy surfaces, 9 times out of 10 killing someone or their dreams. that needs to stop, heaven is full and hell can taketh no more. We're in shock to be perfectly honest.

Once society picks up and i actually get some donations, I am to start the new world revolution by ending the madness of war and starvation.

I'd\We'd like to know if mankind are tired of dying to repeat the process, over and over and over again. time is at hand for the change society have been begging for (oh I mean praying, uh ya my bad) ... earth-and-all-beings ... C30l9s67vw&t=40s ... 2lbHs9fSqw&t=11s

I'm tired of fighting the good fight to a no win end, this salary I'm given is as anal as suckling goat cheese like its stuck on a garden hose with a golf ball glued to the end. a grand a month, that magnet cost me 600bux and i'm almost to loose my freedom of will and choice due to ignorant legal systems stuck on beings that literally had no clue the day or time being that I had No access to a mobile phone. Sept. 11 2017 i stated I'd love to slap some "see 4 on your walls" and watch your minds 'blow' because every fucking time I brought up the subject of magnets, y'all would cry the fucking boohoo blues and turn tale.
I'm living on 1% motivation, that's like 1 micro-millisecond to midnight on the dooms day clock, its almost over, i need people to either help with this project or show me the door. I am NOT going to prison or a psych ward for a determination to Fix the fuck up some fucking coward called jesus fucked mankind over to leave me the mess to be thrown in the trash.
Tell me you don't understand what I'm saying and I'll tell you I'm so wrapped up in this system, my BIGGEST fear is dying to take every damn thing with me, no mans land for man and restful sleep for my own kind.

I see the Reaper and talk to her every time I breath now, life's purpose comes to a close or a reborn-nation in my own eyes, the jig is up, earth is not to be blow the fuck up, mankind is to get off the fucking ground to leave the species that come here the fuck alone.

I gotta go get some sleep
have a look at them videos including the campaign and if anything trust me for trusting in man to have them step up, even at the end. its the only way to stop the abuse.
2-POINT-O (Banned)
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23rd Jun

the main three keys to a comfortable living situation:
Magnetic Levitation transportation
Profit shared dispensaries - economy
buying foreclosures to rent back to the ones that lost there dream due to government error for a term of 6 months at 30% of their income, 70% to fulfill the dreams of the family living under the roof of there dream home, once completed and they have showed me they have every intention to keep up (if things get tough another 70% of the 30% would be reduced after 3 months) or just because.
Hand them the deed to the roof that covers the home and tell them to enjoy what they've earned.
Military will be Handed what ever the fuck they want or need as it is the Military that serves 1st and deserve what the earn, right down the to grunt. They signed up to travel the world for a free ride to see the sights, it is within my own judgment to give them the respect they earn by handing them anything in existence they need to improve their lives. well anything but my bread and butter, I need to eat too. - housing

I'm taking back what is rightfully mine, one way or another. I need to live my life so your futures are possible.
I cannot see anything in life without my personal input into life, I'm that connected
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23rd Jun

Please live your life so my future is possible!

I need mah future!
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25th Jun

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elcorbu 15th Nov
bf4 and flir 4 life!
TwinGunsLLP 15th Nov
Yep, and still no word on RSP etc. I cannot tell you how boring the game is to me now, no hardcore and I don't know anybody I'm playing with so it might as well be bots. DEAD to me right now.
Angry_Cuban13 14th Nov
This is how EA sees its customers noobs = $$$ hackers = $$$
Angry_Cuban13 14th Nov
Yeah prettty pathetic they have that "option" but they need to make the noobs want the game
webdvlop 14th Nov
TwinGunsLLP 13th Nov
Yep, sucks! Hope they fix it!
JL 13th Nov
Conquest Catch-Up... wow!
Angry_Cuban13 13th Nov
Wow that's sad, they just don't want to make people try
TwinGunsLLP 13th Nov
They're now "tweaking it", but it will always be there in order to make matches closer. I sincerely mean this when I say "F them".
TwinGunsLLP 13th Nov
Wow yep they confirmed it, our hunches were correct. Unbelievable, I am SOOOO sick of this newbie crutch shit I cannot stand it. https://forums.battlefiel ... -up-mechanics#latest
TwinGunsLLP 12th Nov
For sure! There doesn't seem to be any concrete proof yet, so fingers crossed it's just nonsense!
Texas_Flexas 12th Nov
Oh come on... The biggest thrill of conquest is the fact that very close matches are RARE. To i understand why/if they have a feature like this, but imo it kills the magic. I really hope this is not true.
TwinGunsLLP 12th Nov
Hmm, interesting discussion about what I've noticed in BFV conquest, A LOT of very close matches. No way they could have implemented this right? https://forums.battlefiel ... from-the-game#latest
TwinGunsLLP 12th Nov
To me, the game just needs a ton more content. I don't get anything like the sandbox feeling of BF4 where there's just a ton of things to do.
TwinGunsLLP 12th Nov
Oh nice!
Angry_Cuban13 12th Nov
They need to Nerf LMGs, they are stupid OP
Angry_Cuban13 12th Nov
Glad I only did the $15/mo thing and if I get bored I only lost $15
Angry_Cuban13 12th Nov
I enjoyed the Cathedral one and the Aerodrome as well.
TwinGunsLLP 11th Nov
The map with the burning cathedral/library is pretty cool, but the rest are a big fat meh.
TwinGunsLLP 11th Nov
Meh, think I'll come back to BF4 tomorrow. BFV is getting pretty boring really fast for me at least. I can't think of a single map I like lol. I'll try again once hardcore and maybe some more content shows up.
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