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26th Jun 2016

How much interest is there in a Defuse server? We can utilize server 6 to do this if you guys want. Just know that populated or not, it will get dropped for events/matches. Other times we can switch it over to Defuse. Also, may go thru a period of a couple/few days before one of us can hop on and switch it back to normal. 
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26th Jun 2016

What is Defuse?

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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26th Jun 2016

it's bf4 counter strike mode. though every time i've checked for defuse servers - there were none.
i'm keen to try it out, even more so if it's hardcore.

from http://battlefield.wikia. ... com/wiki/Defuse -
The gamemode pits two squads of five players as either attackers or defenders against one another in close quarter situations in a series of six rounds with the winner being the team with the most wins.
The objective of the attacking team is to either eliminate all members of the defending team or arm and destroy one of the two M-COM stations with a Bomb found in the attackers spawn. The objective of the defending team is to prevent the detonation of an objective and to eliminate all members of the attacking team.
Once killed, players cannot respawn until next round, and each player can only be revived once per round. Killed teammates may spectate the match until the round ends. If all players on the attacking team are dead, but the bomb is still planted, the match will continue until the bomb is either defused or explodes. Also, the bomb will go off regardless if someone is defusing or not, unlike the M-COM stations in the Rush game mode.
A round ends when:
All players on a team have been killed.
The defending team has defused the bomb.
The attacking team successfully destroys an objective.
The gamemode is available on all maps.

contradicting info on enemy defusing the bomb, so not sure how that works?

quick read tells me the game reloads between each round (?) and some ppl leave during this reload time without waiting for the game to finish. another comment says it goes until 6 wins - not 6 rounds. one way to find out.

̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ M ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐i ͐ͩ͋̂G ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂ ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿ -̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐
̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐ ͐ͩ͋̂S ̗͓̘͓̺̑̆ͭͬ͐UP ̥̺͐ͩ͋̂̿eR-̮͈͓͎͉͓ͩ̆̓ͪ̐̐HA͓͉̝̳̦̘̮̖̬ͧ̓̒̔ͮN͔͎̝͉̥ͩͫ̏s

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26th Jun 2016

I would be interested in a defuse server. It's a nice change of pace from the 64 player ridiculousness we are all used to.
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26th Jun 2016

i would help out .its not my cup of tea but ill play it some
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BlynD (Banned)
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26th Jun 2016

Brian we need to discuss offline sometime.

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27th Jun 2016

Sounds like fun. There was something like that in Bad Company 2. 4 teams of 4 players would duke it out till one of them had a 100 kills. It was a blast.
Praetorian (Banned)
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27th Jun 2016

Some of our guys will spend all night on NWG's so I think we need our own plus even if we don't use server 6 a 10 man server is pretty cheap

Server 10

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30th Jun 2016

I'm definitely down for some Defuse!

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