BF4 stat spinoff - longest headshot?
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Motorcharge (Banned)
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6th Dec 2016

What's your longest headshot?
Setup or just happened to get it?

Long range sniping had been my thing for a while here lately. This was on Nansha Strike. Was sniping to one of the islands from the back of the carrier when I got hit. Started looking around and noticed someone shooting at me from the enemy carrier. He hit me but never killed me. I got him at like 1200m, then he moved and I got him at 1400m, both prone with a bipod. The 1800m was sort of by accident, I was letting him try to get me while I stood up to make it easier for him. He was up on the ship tower and I just fired one off without the bipod and happened to nail him in the head lol

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8th Dec 2016

Nice distance there. Mine is a tad longer though. 1934.99

If I remember correctly we have one player with a headshot @1998m. It might be DatSniperThou.
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