BF1 Origin gamer tags?
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22nd Oct 2016

Hi guys its been a bit but I'm still alive I was wondering if any of you are playing bf1 (hardcore is locked and I am going crazy) but all in all its a great game so far, its eye candy galore!
The point of my post was for all BF1 MiG players to be able to get into the fight together so if any of you are enjoying bf1 as much as I am lets get in and make a name for MiG  ye olde 1914 style  

to start it off my tag and email are as follows------    Squ1D1n5URg3n7  email is (christophers gaming email) @gmail

See you in the trenches soldiers!
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26th Oct 2016

hop in ts with your name as it is in origin, there's a couple pretty good size groups that have been running around messing up kids faces in bf1 lately, pop your head in, say hi and get invites to games. You will get them from me as long as you follow my orders as your squad leader......rofl jk..... but I will be your squad leader.
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FLIR-4-LIFE (Banned)
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31st Oct 2016

They seriously need to make it easier and less off a hassle to join friends in this game. In battlelog i literally just click the join server button next to a friends name and next thing I know I'm in their squad.

But for the time being with shitty origin/ts add me: FLIR-4-LIFE
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hoopyfrood92 6:12 PM
Dead Space is free right now too.
Angry_Cuban13 5:29 PM
Syk3z 4:32 PM
Hello, anyone here atm?
TwinGunsLLP 11:16 AM
Angry_Cuban13 10:39 AM
cool thanks Twin
Angry_Cuban13 10:39 AM
lol goddamn fat fingers, yeah NFS
TwinGunsLLP 9:52 AM
And it has the ///M4 in it so I had to get it lol.
TwinGunsLLP 9:52 AM
NOS? You mean NFS? Yes at the start it did, but all has been fixed now. I purposely waited until they fixed that BS before I bought it. It's a really, really fun arcade racer and the graphics are pretty dope.
Angry_Cuban13 21st Feb
might pick up NOS. didn't it have a weird loot boxes system?
TwinGunsLLP 21st Feb
If you've been waiting on Star Wars too, the elite edition is only $31.99 now with the sale.
TwinGunsLLP 21st Feb
Origin has 60% off deal today for many games. Any arcade racing fans, I recommend Need for Speed Payback. Pretty fun!
Angry_Cuban13 21st Feb
So competitive that their server is sitting super empty.
AngryMilks 21st Feb
I too would love to have 60hz and also be stable, if you have any insight into that please let me know.
JL 20th Feb
server community which shall not be named has been on 60Hz with their competing "#1" server for months without issues, just saying.. may want to talk to NFO if your equipment can't hang.
godsowndelta 19th Feb
ya just posted a normal post\inquiry, oops my bad
Angry_Cuban13 19th Feb
Most of the servers you play on 60hZ are probably infantry maps only like Locker, Metro, etc. When you start playing maps like Firestorm, Oman, the water maps, that is when it gets crappy for everyone else
elcorbu 19th Feb
i notice a improved difference in hit registration and smoothness of gameplay from 30 to 60. as other servers seem to run fine on it, wonder if its an issue with the mig box/provider
TwinGunsLLP 19th Feb
60hz is terrible, it doesn't work on #1. We've tried it several times.
Angry_Cuban13 19th Feb
That's not my call, Brian will have to decide that. We also need feedback from more than one person to make these type of changes.
jeffambo 19th Feb
can you just try it for 1 day?
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